Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sassy Shopper

Allie and I thought it would be fun to take Anniston to one of our local upscale strip malls one morning and get some cute pics of her "shopping."  You know- a little "Rodeo Drive" photo shoot.  Every girl needs one of those, right?

We honestly didn't know how well they would turn out- she is a very active 19 month old, afterall.  Getting her to stand still and do as we say doesn't really go over so well, you know?  Shockingly, we got some pretty fabulous pictures.  See for yourself:

just doing a little window shopping...

oh my!  look at all those good deals!

A lot of people have asked how we got her to pose for the camera.  Ha!  There was no "posing" to it- we gave her the props we wanted her to use and let her run free!  She LOVED the shopping bags and boxes.  She would pile on the bags and situate the boxes to suite her and off she went with her prissy walk! It was pure luck to capture some of these expressions.  Well, that and a pretty fabulous photographer who just happens to be my sister!  I think these are some of my favorite photos Allie has taken.  The artistry is magnificent.  I feel so lucky to have her as my sister!

I will leave you with one more.  We were joking to each other as Allie was snapping pics about the episode of Friends where they play the game about who knows each other the best.  After Rachel comes in from the store, Ross guesses that she has a box of half eaten cookies in her bag.  To which she replies, "I'm so not impressed.  Everybody snacks when they shop."  And yes, we are die hard Friends fans in case you were wondering or thought we were weird.  Anyhoo, I love how this next pic turned out:

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