Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Things I'm Loving

(1)  I'm loving "girl time" with Anniston.  Yesterday we attempted to paint her toenails.  I had purchases some Piggy Paint (nail polish safe for kids) awhile back and was waiting on the perfect opportunity to break it out.  Since it was raining most of the afternoon, yesterday seemed like the perfect time for a little mommy-daughter pedicure.  Or half pedicure...  Ok, really only 3 toes made it out with nail polish on them.  Regardless, Anniston had fun playing with all the nail polish. 

(2)  I cannot express how much I love the St. Tropez bronzing lotion.  I've never been a fan of self tanners, mainly because I haven't found one that doesn't streak or look orange.  Since I quit tanning in a booth years ago, I've mainly stuck to mystic tans.  Problem now is, I don't have time to go on a regular basis.  I've heard the rave reviews on the St. Tropez so I thought I'd give it a go.  I watched two You Tube videos on how to apply to that I could make sure I got the most bang for my buck out of this product.  I did a happy dance after I used it for the first time- no streaking and a natural looking color.  This is what I will be using all summer long!

(3)  Sugar Cookies.  I'm normally not a sweets person, but I had to break down this past week and buy some.  You know- the really soft, crumble in your mouth kind?  Oh yeah.  Unfortunately, this is what the container looked like as of last night:

For the record, I did share with my (many) technicians at work and the hubs.  I did NOT eat all of those!

(4)  I'm loving that my living room decorating project is coming along!  I have a color scheme, chairs, and curtains picked out.  I was on the hunt for decorative throw pillows on Monday and was pleasantly surprised to find almost all of them at Target!  I found one from Pier 1 also.  Yippee for budget friendly pillows.  I'm going with a deep blue and mustard yellow color scheme.  Apparently that is popular right now because Target had everything in those colors!  I cannot wait for this room to come together!

(5) Lastly, I'm loving seeing my little girl learn new things.  In the last few days we have gotten out her picture books, and instead of her ususal point-to-everything-and-you-tell-me-what-it-is game, I have turned the tables and had her tell me where something is.  She knew almost everything I asked!  And some of them were quite random things!  She was pretty proud of herself too when she got it right:)  This is one of my favorite pics from this past week of Poppy reading to Anniston.

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  1. Thanks for the St. Tropez tip. After canceling my tanning membership, I feel like I'm constantly pale. Whenever there is a big event going on, I'll get a spray but it's just too much to keep up with. I was definitely in the market for a self tanner so I'm going to try this one out :)

  2. def going to have to try out that self tanner!


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