Wednesday, May 8, 2013

House Pics: Anniston's Bathroom

When we moved into this house, I was so excited that Anniston would now have her own bathroom.  It's really going to be the "kids" bathroom (eventually) so I knew that I wanted to keep the decor in here gender neutral. The best part about this bathroom?  It's right off the main hall upstairs and is not connected to any bedroom.  LOVE that! And we still have another bathroom off the playroom for guests.  Total win!

The bathroom was already painted a sky blue color and I kind of liked it- so I just went with it and planned the decor around that.  The result?  A very bright, colorful, and fun kids bathroom!

Towels:  Target
Chalkboard jars:  Michaels
Wall art:  Prints-Etsy, Frames-Hobby Lobby
Shower curtain:  Kate Spade

I love, love how this turned out!  It's so fun and colorful.  I still want to get Anniston a little red step stool so she can reach the sink to brush her teeth!  Other than that, this room is DONE!

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  1. I love that shower curtain! The bathroom is so pretty!


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