Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day and the Great Outdoors

It is FINALLY warming up here in West TN.  I thought spring weather would never come.  To celebrate, we spent a LOT of time outside this weekend.  Anniston loves playing outside so much and her temper roars to life when I tell her it's time to go back inside. 

On Friday we made an early morning Target run because I had promised Anniston I would buy her her very first Barbie.  She loves the one her babysitter has, so it was a must.  I got her a princess one, complete with a full head of long, blonde hair.  Of course, the hair is Anniston's favorite part:) 

After nap, we headed outside to put to play with her new water table.  She loves it!  She loves gathering up all her buckets and cups and splashing the water all over the place.  She gets drenched while doing it, but she doesn't seem to mind!

Saturday morning, my mom, dad, grandmother and Allie and Brandon all came over for a little Mother's Day visit. Anniston's new swing came in and my dad helped put it on her existing swing set.  She cried like we were doing something awful to her the first time she got in it.

I think it was just the fact that it was something new and that we were all standing around watching her.  She swings on her existing swings just fine- it's us that can barely manage swinging her and holding on to her at the same time!  She finally got in it and had so much fun letting Poppy swing her.  Over and over and over.  With her sunglasses on- because, you know, the sun was totally in her eyes:)

Later that afternoon it was warm enough for a quick dip in the pool!  Brandon had heated it to a really comfortable temperature and it felt so nice!  Annie had a blast!  I can't wait for hot summer days when we can spend it cooling off in our pool!  It's going to be a great summer!

Sunday morning we went to church with Brandon's mom, Nana, and sister and her family to celebrate Mother's Day.  Afterwards, we had a fantastic brunch and Anniston enjoyed getting to play with her twin cousins, Mary Beth and Neely.  She thinks she is as big as they are and tries to do everything they do!

I feel so lucky that I got to spend my Mother's Day with the best husband and little girl in the world!  That in itself is the best Mother's Day gift of all!

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