Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sunroom on a Budget

When we first moved into this house in January, the sunroom was pretty low on the decorating priority list.  It was the middle of winter and we rarely went out there.  Then spring came and I thought about how much we would enjoy it during coming summer months.  It would be perfect for family gatherings and swim parties.  So it got bumped up on the list of house decorating projects. 

I had a vision of what I wanted the overall style to be so I just needed to find the pieces I wanted at a reasonable price.  I didn't want to spend a ton of money- it is just the sunroom after all.  I didn't want to worry about us sitting on the furniture in wet bathing suits while we were taking a break from the pool.  I wanted Anniston to be able to have friends over when she gets older and them all hang out in there while cooling off from the hot sun.  So yeah, I wanted to go semi-cheapo!

The first item we purchased for this room was the furniture set from Lowe's.  It is from the Allen + Roth collection and it was very affordable.  The cushions are both removable and washable, which is a plus when you have a small child! I was able to choose the cushion color (great bonus) and I chose a neutral in case I ever wanted to change up the color scheme in the future. 

Since I went with neutral cushions, I really wanted a bright pop of color in the rug. Let me tell you- the rug was not a quick and easy decison.  At all.  Apparently, I was an indecisive crazy person judging by the way rugs came and went through our house.  At least that's what the hubs told me:)  I think he was being a little dramatic- the rug that is here to stay is only the third rug I bought. 

Let me first show you the ones that were total fails:

I ordered this rug from Ballard at a pretty good price.  I think it was around $250.  The color on the internet showed a more citrus/lime green.  When I recieved it, turns out it was more of a camo green.  The entire color scheme just looked boring to me.  Not at all how I envisioned my bright, cheery sunroom to look.  So it went back.  By the way- yes, that is Annie playing in her little car over in the corner.  Hard to get a shot of the room without her or Ruby somehow ending up in the picture!

This was purchase #2 from Pottery Barn.  While I really loved the colors, I just couldn't decide about the stripe.  I also wasn't too crazy about the material.  It didn't stay in place and the edges kept rolling up.  At that price, I wanted to be in loooove.  And I just wasn't. 

While shopping at Target one day I stumbled across a pretty green outdoor rug that I really liked.  I really had wanted to bring out green in the rug because the curtains and the walls were already blue.  The best part about this Target rug?  A whopping $119 for an 8x10.  Umm, yes, please!

And I LOOOOOVED it!  After all the ordering and sending back, I ended up with a rug that I found down the street for half the price.  Maybe the husband was right.  I might be a little crazy!  Granted the pattern and style may be a bit trendy, but hey, for $119 who cares if I want to change or update it in a couple of years?  So here is where I am at now:

Major progress, right?  I'm not quite done yet, though.  I still have a shelving unit from IKEA coming that will go on the far wall beside the sofa.  Annie's little table and chairs are currently at my dad's house awaiting a fresh coat of yellow paint.  And I'm currently on the hunt for some cute baskets and colorful beach towels to style the white chest with.  I'm also considering getting a large live plant but you may never see pics of that unless I can figure out how to keep it alive for more than a month. 

List of items:

Loveseat, chairs, and coffee table- Allen + Roth via Lowes

Decorative pillows- Pottery Barn

Green rug- Target

White chest- Marshalls

Small bench- Homegoods

Curtains- left from previous owners of the house (Score!)

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  1. Love the final rug you picked! Bright, cheery yet timeless.

    I also really love the wicker table/cube/thing beside your love seat. Too cute!

    It came together nicely!


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