Monday, April 22, 2013

New House Pics- Kitchen!

I'm weird about posting pics of things until I get it exactly the way I want.  That being said, it might have been awhile before any house pics made it on here.  But then I realized that decorating my new house is going to be a journey and I want to document that journey on here.  So keep in mind that there is still a lot of things I want to do to the house to make it the way I want it to look.  But it all has to start somewhere!

I thought I'd start with the kitchen.  Brandon and I fell in love with this kitchen the first time we saw it.  While it is beautiful, in my opinion, one of the reasons we loved it so much was because it was at lease twice the size of the kitchen in our old house.  If you had more than 3 people in our old kitchen it started to feel crowded.  Not the case here!

View from the door of the dining room

Note:  I had to order the other two bar stools from Pier 1.  I have all four now but was just too lazy to re-take the picture!  Ha!  I moved Anniston's table and chairs underneath the bay window.  She loves looking out the window while she sits down to eat her snacks!

The stools on either side of this red cabinet are the same ones that I have under the kitchen bar, except these are the taller "bar stools" and the others are "counter stools."  All of these are from Pier 1.

I love, love how big this kitchen is.  Stainless steel appliances (complete with an ice maker, trash compacter, and double oven) make me happy!  I hated that we had mismatched appliances at our old house!  I even really like the tile in here- it's neutral and super easy to clean!  Once I get all the stools, chairs, etc I want for this room (read below), I will be able to sit 11 people in here without even having to rearrange for parties!  That's one of the reasons I bought the 2 bar stools to go on either side of the red cabinet- it looks cute but it also offers up 2 additional seats for gatherings.

So what all do I want to do in this room?  The kitchen actually probably has the least amount of changes planned but I do still have couple of things on my list:

1.  Receive last 2 bar stools for kitchen counter
2.  Buy a chair for the desk
3.  Change the horrible, outdated, bay window treatments.  I really want to do some custom roman shades.  I have something very fabulous in mind.  I just need to save up the $$$!
4.  Possibly paint the walls.  This isn't high on my "Rooms to paint" list but it's something I'm considering.  I like that the kitchen feels so open and airy but there is hardly any contrast.  If I do decide to paint, I'm thinking a light mushroom-y color.  You know what I'm talking about, right?  Sorry, I'm not very good at describing colors.  It wouldn't be a dark color, I'd like to stick with a lighter shade, but I do think it would be nice to warm it up just a bit.  Maybe pull a color from the granite?  Who knows...

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