Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Consignment Loot- Rhea Lana's Germantown-Collierville

I got to shop this morning and I scored some pretty amazing stuff.  I was actually really surprised I found as much as I did- only because I'm pretty picky about what I buy for Anniston.  They had some awesome stuff- lots of boutique brand clothing, smocked dresses, and cute play outfits.  They had a ton of toys/gear, too.  I saw a Radio Flyer red wagon (the kind with the canopy and seats) for only $50!!!  I think those retail for almost $200!  If my mom and dad didn't already have one to give Anniston for her birthday I would have snatched that right up!

So here's what I got:

 Gap purple tunic/leggings/Gap brown shirt/Gymboree kitty outfit
The brown multi-colored Gap shirt was only $3.50!!

 Pumpkin black and white outfit. This is a 4T so it won't fit her now, but I'm hoping she can wear it next year!  It was too cute to pass up!
 Halloween outfits!! 
 Molly and Milly outfit. 
 I think I paid $12 or $15 for this one.  But I know they retail for over $50!

 Janie and Jack orange dress.  I HAD to have this!  Not only do I LOVE Janie and Jack, but this is the cutest little fall dress!
 Ok- I am over the moon excited about these.  J Crew Crewcuts cardigans.  I could not believe I found these.  If you know me at all, you know I am obsessed with J Crew but their crewcuts line is just so expensive for kids!  I bought the light pink one with the matching shirt underneath for $8!!!  I totally did a little happy dance right then and there.  Once I saw the leopard cardigan I knew it would look so cute with the orange Janie and Jack dress. 

Turkey appliqued outfit with leggings.  $10
I am so excited about all the great stuff I got!  They really had some awesome stuff this year.  Go check out their website for details on when to shop!!

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