Thursday, September 19, 2013

Consignment Season- Rhea Lana's Germantown/Collierville

I've mentioned on here before that I am joining in on the consignment craze this year.  I have TONS of clothes of Anniston's that need new homes so I was excited to participate.  I chose to consign in Rhea Lana's Germantown/Collierville sale.  I had heard from some of my other friends how great and easy it was to consign in it.  And that's exactly what I needed- easy!  Since I work full-time, I did NOT want to spend any more time than I had to tagging and sorting clothes.  And I was still a bit nervous about how specific and time consuming this was going to be.

My friends were right!  It was very easy!  I spent probably one, maybe two, afternoons during naptime sorting, entering, and tagging.  I went to their website,, and watched the short video tutorial on how to enter and hang your clothes.  Once you know how they want it displayed on hangers, it was a piece of cake!  They have a great online system, with drop down tabs for easy entry.  You simply enter all of your items online, hang them according to their instructions, and attach a small tag to each item.  And I get 70% of the sales!  I was done weeks ago, so all of my items were simply hanging in our spare bedroom closet, ready to go!

The first drop off day was today from 12-8 and they advised to allow an hour to get all your items checked in.  I arrived at 1 pm and was out in 30 minutes.  They simply looked over all my items, handed me my price tags, and instructed me on how to attach the price tags to all my clothes.  It was ridiculously easy, people.  And all the workers were so helpful and patient with me.  It was truly a great experience. 

I am so excited to get to shop on Saturday.  I hope I find some great deals!

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