Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

I haven't blogged in a few days just because we have been so BUSY.  Brandon has been out of town some so I've been in single working mama mode!  So, here are a few random things that have been going on:

1.  I took Anniston to her very first dentist appointment this past Wednesday.  I was super nervous just because I've heard so many horror stories but it was all for nothing- she did great!  I have to say that most of that is because of the staff at the pediatric dentist we chose.  They were awesome and so good with her.  They weren't pushy and played and talked with her so she wouldn't be scared.  I'm happy to report that all looks good.  Well, except for the fact that her 2nd year molars are already coming in!

2.  Brandon and I got this crazy idea last weekend to just jump right in on some of the house painting we have been planning.  All I have to say is this:  Toddler + house painting = not a good idea.  We limited our painting to nap time and after she went to bed at night.  So it was (and still is) a slow process.  We got one coat of paint on our entryway and decided we hated it.  So we started over and have yet to get finished.  My parents are coming to the rescue this weekend by entertaining Annie so we can knock a few rooms out, hopefully!

3.  I recently ordered the Liatorp desk from Ikea once I decided that I needed a desk.  I don't work from home (ever), so I'm not really sure what I will do there (blog?) but I'm super excited to make it pretty.  Maybe I will create some stuff to "do" at my new desk.  I'm currently stocking up my shopping cart over at See Jane Work with some cute and stylish office supplies! 

4.  Annie is obsessed with the "Easy" song from Sheryl Crow.  She insists we play it over and over when we get in the car.  She sways to the music and tries to snap her fingers.  I've even caught her a few times trying to sing it to herself when she thinks no one is paying attention.  Her favorite is when I pick her up and hold her and we dance around the kitchen to it.  And me?  I'd be ok if I didn't hear that song again for awhile....unless Annie wants to sing it to me:)

5.  I'm currently obsessed with Downton Abbey.  I know, I know, I'm late to the party.  I'm trying to get caught up before the 4th season starts.  I love it!  I love the clothes, the accents, the characters. I try to talk in my horrible British accent, which only makes Brandon laugh because I cannot do accents at all!  I told B one night that I think him and Anniston should start calling me "her ladyship." 

Linking up today with Natasha and the other girls for Five on Friday!


  1. I just found your blog on the 5 on friday link up! I love it, and your daughter's name is beautiful, I never met an Anniston before! We are also planning on painting our house (I actually mentioned it in my five on friday as well) and I am so worried about how slow of a process it's going to be with a baby!


  2. what dentist did you all decide on?

  3. Found your blog on the link-up! Love, Love, Love your daughters name! I am trying to get caught up on Downton Abbey as well. Cant wait for the show to start back up again! Have a great weekend!


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