Monday, August 5, 2013

Our Weekend

I should really try to come up with more creative names for my weekend round-up posts.  I'm feeling lazy right now, so I'll work on that next week:)

This was my 3 day weekend so we've had a full 3 days of fun activities and family time.  Friday morning, I had the carpet in the main family room professionally cleaned and then Allie, Anniston, and I headed up to Kid's Play for the Matilda Jane trunk show.  The new fall line is really cute, but I did so well and limited myself to only 2 outfits.  I got a dress and a little shirt and pants set.  Both are ADORABLE and I can't wait for her to wear them. 

Friday night we met our friends, Emily and Frank, and their two girls for dinner at Hog and Hominy.  This place is awesome.  Great food with a family atmosphere.  Perfect place to take 3 young kids.  We had a great time and all were so well behaved.

After dinner, the boys took the girls outside while Emily and I sat and talked and waited on our checks.  When we walked outside, we found the girls entertaining all the people waiting to be seated by building a fire pit, apparently.  They were having so much fun together.

Saturday morning, Annie and I cleaned up the house, did laundry, and made a quick trip to Target.  She insisted on wearing my "bacelets" inside Target.  I tried to get her to leave them in the car because I was afraid they would fall off inside, but she screamed "BACELETS, NO!!!!" when I tried to take them off.  So they went with her inside the store.  Don't mess with her bracelets, people. 

I bought Annie her first Little People set.  I tried to get her to like the little pink bus (which was one of the cheaper ones), but she had her eye on Ariel's carriage and I could not change her mind.  She was so excited that I let her buy a toy and couldn't wait to get home to open it. 

Saturday afternoon, my family came in town for a pool party.  We ordered pizza from Mellow Mushroom and had a great time hanging out and visiting.

Poppy and Kay Kay gave Anniston a little Dora necklace and bracelet set- which she is in love with.  This girl loves her jewelry!

She had fun going through Aunt Nancy's makeup bag- and putting it on:)

After everyone had left, I put Annie to bed and me, Allie, and the Brandon's all hung out by the pool, listening to music and talking.  Ah, what fun and a great way to relax after a full day.  Well, at least that's what Allie and I did.  The boys made up silly rules to water basketball.  Their inner 10 year selves were in full force. 

Sunday we did a w.hole lot of nothing and it was great.  Grocery shopping, Home Depot, laundry, etc. We went swimming in the pool for a bit.  Annie is becoming quite the little fish!

I cannot believe Annie starts her new school this week.  Be prepared for plenty of details of all the activities this week.  I'm sorry in advance!  We have her Open House tonight, which I'm so excited about.  Happy Monday!

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