Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Scary Stuff

I'm catching up on things today since, #1- it's my day off, and #2- I've not been feeling so great over the past couple of days.  I worked this past weekend, and on Saturday I noticed my foot starting to hurt.  Sometimes, it hurt so bad that I had to walk with a limp!  When I got home that night, Brandon and I inspected it.  Turns out, two of my toes had swollen up and were bright red. We also noticed a tiny puncture wound/marking right in the crevice between those 2 toes.  Obviously, I had gotten bit by something.  No big deal, right?

On Sunday morning, my toes were swollen even more and it hurt even worse to walk.  We have a clinic inside my store at work, so I thought I would get to work early and have them check it out.
The NP confirmed my suspicions that she thought I had been bitten by something, but thankfully she said it didn't look like a brown recluse bite.  Whew.  She started me on an antibiotic just in case it was anything poisonous.  Later that afternoon, I started feeling really bad, with chills and muscle aches.  I walked back over there and had them check my temp.  Sure enough, I was running a fever.  I felt bad the rest of the night.  Yesterday morning was better, until I got really nauseous on my way to work and then got sick as soon as I walked in.  I was getting a little scared at this point.  Messing around with a bite mark that you don't know what it's from is serious business!  Especially when you have fever, nausea, vomiting, and muscle aches.  I knew that the antibiotic would cover me in this case, but I was still scared!  I ran fever again most all of yesterday at work and sat with our little space heater directly on me. Then I started getting pains all down the leg of the bite mark.  It was horrible!

Luckily, I started feeling better last night and have felt pretty good today- almost completely better!  Thank goodness!  I've heard so many horror stories about people being bitten by stuff and having to be hospitalized that it scared me!  If I had not felt better today, I was going to have to go in for some blood work next.  I'm just glad it was me and not Anniston!

I'm so glad I felt better today because I got to spend all day with my sweet girl!  We had such a fun day, too!  We hit up Home Depot this morning for some paint samples.  Annie enjoyed "painting" the shopping cart with a paint brush while we waited for our paint to be mixed.  Then I took her up to Kid's Play since it was toddler day.  She had a blast, as always.

About 10 minutes before I was about to tell her it was time to leave, she came up to me and said, "Mommy- I hungry!"  That's really the first time she's told me that all on her own without any prompting from me.  Since she was hungry and I told her we would go get some lunch, she didn't fuss when when we left.  I'm guessing she was thinking about the food!

While waiting on our food at one of our favorite lunch places, Newk's, she practiced her silly faces that she just learned how to do.  This is one of her best ones:

Later, after nap, we ran up to Target to get a few things and then Allie came over.  She loved getting to play with Allie!  Before bed, we read a book and watched her new favorite cartoon- Caillou.  It comes on the Sprout channel, and for some reason she LOVES this show.  I will admit, it is a good show for her age right now.  She sat in my lap and stroked my hair while she got sleepy.  I hugged her tight and asked her if she had fun today.  She responded by shaking her head yes and then threw her arms around my neck.  I'm SO thankful I felt better today so I could have this day with her!

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  1. Whoa! That's scary Kelly! I'm so glad you're feeling better. My girls really like Caillou when they were Anniston's age. Every once in a while they will still watch it since they're 4 and he's 4 ;)


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