Monday, July 1, 2013

Girls Day + Weekend Stuff

Brandon has been in and out of town for most of this past week, so Annie and I have had lots of girl time!  Last Wednesday night, Allie came over and we decided to try to watch our first Disney movie (well, Anniston's first Disney movie.)  The pick?  Tangled.  Fitting if you know my daughter at all.  The girl is seriously obsessed with hair.  When Rapunzel let down her hair for the first time, Anniston was mesmerized.  We didn't make it through the entire movie, but she did watch a good bit of it. 

Brandon was back in town Friday and we went to his sister's 40th birthday party after work.  We totally shot the bedroom routine but it was worth it because we were all having so much fun.  Anniston even slept a little later Saturday morning and took a good 3 hour nap to compensate!

Brandon woke up at the crack of dawn to head to Jackson to go fishing with my dad.  A bunch of his college buddies were all meeting up in Jackson later that day for a little reunion so he was away for the rest of the day and night.  Anniston and I found plenty to do though!  We headed out that morning to Home Depot for paint samples (hopefully the kitchen will get painted in the near future!), Target, and a little shoe store for her some "back to school" shoes.  I know, I'm starting early but my friend told me about these shoes and how great they were to play outside in.  Sometimes her sandals aren't the best for that.  Anniston LOVED them!  She insisted on wearing them out of the store and then preceded to check them out all the way to the car!

After a quick lunch at Newk's we headed home for her blessed 3 hour nap!

After nap, I told her we were going to the "teddy bear store" AKA Build A Bear.  She had so much fun picking out her bear and hated when it was time to go:(

Then we went to Baby Gap because they were having 50% off all their shorts.  Anniston is already such a little shopper.  She sat in her stroller, sipping on her water, and when I held up 2 clothing choices and asked her which she liked best, she would point to the one she wanted.  We make a great team:)

To kill time before dinner, we walked over to Barnes and Noble.  She had the best time looking at all the books (she LOVES books), playing with the train set, and walking around on the little stage they had set up in the children's area.

We ate a quick dinner and headed home.  We were both exhausted from our full day!  It was so much fun spending the entire day together just us two.

Sunday morning my parents came into town to spend some time with Anniston and help me with a few things around the house.  Poppy (aka my Dad) hadn't seen her in awhile and she was so happy
when she saw him get out of the car.

Waiting on Poppy and Kay Kay.  Sorry for the bad iPhone pic:(  Doesn't she look so grown up here??0

They did a little swinging outside, played on her playground, and took her to Yolo's that afternoon.  I, in the meantime, got my bathroom shade and my bathroom shelves hung up, organized the playroom a little, and did other little jobs around the house to prepare for our party for the 4th.

AND I still have one more day off work to have fun with my sweet baby girl!

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