Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July Festivities

I was lucky to get 4th of July off this year.  It doesn't work out that way every year, but I'm glad it did this year!  We had Brandon's entire family over for some barbeque and pool time.

Note:  I apologize ahead of time for the picture overload!

To start, let's compare last year's 4th to this year.  Look how much my baby has grown up.  Sniff sniff:(

Here is Annie posing before everyone arrived:

I wanted to make it super easy on myself, so we catered out from a local BBQ shop.  Brandon's nieces had so much fun swimming and practicing their diving, and Anniston had a blast watching them.

I did attempt to be a little festive even though I barely cooked anything:

I apologize for some bad/blurry pics.  Snap and go is all you got time for sometimes!
Mimi and all her grandkids.
Annie posing in her swimsuit.

Annie and "Bebe"
 Annie shooting some hoops with Daddy and Neely.
Great food, great family, great time!

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