Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Happenings

We didn't get too crazy around here this weekend- we mostly just hung out around the house and spent time together just the 3 of us.  I've got a crazy week at work, so it was nice to not have too much planned.

We ran some errands around town Saturday morning- the hardware store to pick out some paint samples, the pool store to look at floats, and Five Guys for some yummy burgers and fries.

We picked up several paint samples in what I thought would be some good neutral grays or "greige" as some people say.  We have lots of rooms that we want to paint in our house and I'm starting with the entryway and living room. Once we got home and I put them on the walls they turned out to be waaaaay too blue.  Frustrating.  None of the chips looked blue-gray in the store.  I guess I'll go back to the store to try again.

Later that afternoon, Annie and I went grocery shopping.  I have to say, I'm so proud of myself for going to the actual grocery store more.  Anyone who knows me knows I HATE grocery shopping- I will go to Target and buy all that I can from there and then send Brandon to the grocery for anything I can't buy at Target.  Lately I've been doing much better about going.  Probably because I'm cooking more (yet another thing I'm quite proud of myself for!)  I've been meal planning, cooking things to freeze, and grocery shopping!  Wow- I'm almost like a normal person!  It helps that Anniston LOVES the grocery store.  We enter right into the produce section and she loves seeing all the fresh fruit (she LOVES fruit.)  I did find out that I will never, ever go to the grocery store during the day.  I usually go bright and early when no one is there.  I get so irritated having to maneuver my cart around inconsiderate people, off in their own world and not paying attention to anyone around them.  This is why I never went in the first place.  Well that, and the fact that there is nothing "fun" to buy.  At least at Target you can browse fun stuff in the same trip you get your food.

We went out to dinner later that evening and then called it a night.  I was really bad at getting pictures this weekend, so that's why I don't have many to share.

Sunday morning we took Ruby and Anniston to the park.  We let Ruby run free all over the place, did some swinging, sliding, and A LOT of walking.  We were tired and sweaty after about an hour and came home to eat a Popsicle.

After lunch, I turned on Yo Gabba Gabba for Annie to watch while I cleaned up the kitchen.  I found her 15 min later like this:

I tried to put her in her crib to finish out her nap, but that didn't go as planned, so she barely napped for the day.

After finding B's phone at the bottom of the pool Sunday morning, we had to make a trip to the AT&T store to see about getting him a new phone.  Rice was a no-go- probably since it had been sitting in chlorine all night long.  My mom and dad were in town, so they stopped by to play with Annie and B and I headed to the store.  Luckily, it didn't cost him much for a new one and he walked out with a new waterproof otter box phone case.  Wise choice.

I also cooked some hot dog corn muffins for Annie to try out this week:

Pretty fancy, eh?

Oh, and Annie became an official All-American climber this weekend.  She can climb up on our bed by herself now.  She wanted up on the bed (to jump, of course) and I said no.  5 minutes later, I hear, "I did it, I did it!"  I turned around and she is jumping on the bed.  Holy cow, I almost had a heart attack.  She also hiked her leg over her crib for the first time and attempted to climb out.  I also found her standing on her bench trying to look at the pictures that are hanging above it.  She's all over everything!!!  Let's hope we make it past this stage without any major falls!

That's enough rambling from me about our non-exciting weekend!  It might have been low-key and boring, but that's exactly what we needed!  It was great.  Happy Monday!

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