Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Open House, School Supplies, and a Play Date

Anniston's open house for her new daycare was last night.  I was more excited than anyone, I think.  We met her teachers, saw her classroom, and got her school supply list.  Yes, apparently even the 18-24 month class has a supply list!

Annie was a little shy at first but once she got in the classroom she hopped right to it, checking out all the toys and books.  She didn't want to leave when I told her it was time to go!

I was a super good photographer and got some GREAT pics:)  Oh well, these were the best I could do with so much going on!

We hit up Target first thing today, list in hand, for Anniston's first school supply list!  Markers, crayons, diaper cream, watercolor paints were all on the list and, I have to admit, I LOVE back to school shopping!

We hung out with Aunt Allie for a good bit of the morning- taking pics, jumping on the bed, you know- the usual.  I'm still testing paints on various rooms of the house and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY!  One day I like one color, at night I like another, and then the next day I can't remember which color I liked yesterday!  See?  I told you it was making me crazy!

This afternoon we had my friend, Sarah, and her little girl, Sally, over for a play date.  I've known Sarah since college, where we were sorority sisters.  It's crazy how time flies!  Anniston was not the best at sharing at first. Every time Sally went to play with a toy, Annie would either want to play with it too or get mad because Sally was playing with it.  We had a little talk before they came over about sharing our toys but apparently she didn't listen.  She did better about sharing towards the end, though.

I'll leave you with one last pic of Anniston this morning:

This girl does love shoes:)!

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