Thursday, September 26, 2013

Recent Happenings + Our Day in Pictures

I know I have been a bad blogger.  Things have been crazy around here- even though I just came off an 11 day vacation:)  My vacation days were spent catching up on things around the house, organization projects, spending quality time with my little angel, and having a bit of girl time with some of my favorite people.

For starters, we had a couple of rooms in our house painted.  It originally started out as a DIY project and almost ended in catastrophe when Brandon tripped over a paint can and splattered paint on the playroom floor.  I threw in the towel after that and hired someone the next day.  No regrets though!  We had the living room, entryway, stairs, upstairs hallway, kitchen, and mudroom all painted within 3 days!  Man, it feels good to pay someone to do the dirty work for ya!  Hopefully, I can get my fabulous sister over here soon to take some pics so I can show you.

Aside from all the painting, I worked on several organization projects around the house:  I organized all my (old) picture prints.  You know, the several hundred I had lying around before everything went digital.  I organized all of Annie's school work thus far and created a system going forward to store all her schoolwork in the years to come.  I also organized all my digital photos and am still in the process of backing them up.  It feels so good to be organized and get a couple of boring projects like that done!

As you know, I did 2 consignment sales this season and had a lot of fun.  My friend Emily and I did one together earlier last week and had so much fun shopping together.  We even had a little celebratory dinner afterward without the kiddos or the husbands. 

I went with Allie and my aunt, Nancy, to the Orpheum last Saturday night to see Flashdance the musical.  I had been looking forward to this for weeks!  We met up for a patio dinner at a great little restaurant on Main St. before the show.  We had a blast and it was so fun to get to hang out with our aunt, who we don't get to see as often as we'd like.  I have to say, Flashdance was horrible.  The music and songs were bad, the acting was bad, and, much to my disappointment, the dancing was bad!  It had the potential to be so great and I was so looking forward to seeing some great dancing.  We didn't mind though- it was still fun going and we still had a great time!

I'm back to work this week and today is one of my days off.  Annie and I have had so much fun.  We woke up this morning and watched TV while we ate our blueberry muffins for breakfast.  I love cuddling with her in the mornings- it's one of my favorite times.  Then we crafted a card for one of her teacher's birthday.  Annie's favorite part was picking out the paper we were going to use.

Other than that, she mainly just went through all my crafting supplies and made a complete mess while I did the card.  I think it turned out pretty cute!

My little helper:)
Afterwards, we got dressed and headed out to run some errands.  I wanted to go by Marshall's to look for serving platters to use for her birthday party coming up.  We got sidetracked by the shoes and ended up buying her the cutest pair of UGG boots!  I couldn't believe we found these!  I love that they are gray, so they will coordinate with lots of outfits.  Anniston LOVED them!  She pitched a teeny tiny fit in the middle of the shoe aisle when I made her take them off.

We hit up Old Navy next.  I scored 3 shirts for me and a couple of things for her, too.  I let her pick out a little jacket since we needed a lightweight one for when it starts to get a little cooler (hopefully that will be soon!)

She was so intrigued by the mannequins there.  She kept giggling at them and wanting to go up and touch them.  I don't think she quite understood why they looked like real kids but didn't move.  It was pretty funny.  We had a great time shopping together.  It's one of my favorite things to do, obviously.  I know she is not even 2 yet, but she is a great shopping buddy.  We have the best time. 

She wanted a "sammich" after Old Navy, so we stopped by Newk's and grabbed us a bite to eat.

Now she is napping and I'm enjoying a little time to myself.  I've got my fall candles burning and I'm sitting at my new desk in my freshly painted living room.  Ah, life is good!


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    1. Thank you! I love them too! I can't wait for cooler weather so she can rock them with some cute leggings!


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