Monday, October 22, 2012

Cell Phone Thief!

We apparently have a cell phone thief in our house-  Miss Anniston!

Friday night we went into her nursery to read and rock and I'm pretty sure my cell phone was in the front pocket of my scrubs.  After putting her down in her crib I went looking for my cell phone all over the house.  I wasn't sure I had put it in my pocket so I thought I must have left it lying around somewhere.  I finally had Brandon call it.  It sounded like it was coming from the nursery but I thought there was no way I could have left it in there.  He called again and sure enough- it was coming from the nursery.  I tiptoed in there to look around in the chair where we sat and also up on the dresser.  Nothing.  By this time I thought it was a miracle that Anniston had not woken back up yet.  So I had Brandon call it one more time while I was in the nursery so I could see it light up.  The dang cell phone was in her crib, ringing away, right beside her hand, as if she was clutching it when she went to bed!  I have no idea how she managed to get it away from me without me knowing but she somehow did!  The girl is good, I tell you!

We made a trip to the park on Saturday to take advantage of the beautiful, gorgeous weather we are having right now.  Ruby and Anniston both had so much fun running around in the grass.  Anniston would take off running and squealing and Ruby would follow her.  It was so cute.

How cute do they look riding together in the backseat?

Best friends...

She is in deep thought about something...

Thank goodness I had her wear a cheap Target outfit because she got grass stains and dirt all over her booty and knees.  So we changed out of that and put on a cute Halloween outfit to go eat dinner at Central BBQ- a Memphis classic.  Brandon gets so excited when I let us go there because I don't eat BBQ so it's usually not my first pick.  We wanted something casual, though and I do love their bleu cheese nachos!

We had another little fall photo shoot out at Shelby Farms yesterday.  Anniston has gotten much more difficult when it comes to sitting still for pictures!  She wanted to run all over the place and had no desire to sit still, even for a second!  I'm amazed we got any good pictures because Allie sure had her work cut out for her!

Speaking of- head on over to Facebook and "Like" my sister's business page- Allison Fay Photography!  Because seriously, check out these pics- isn't my sister super talented?

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