Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Randoms

We had such a blast this past weekend but in some ways I'm glad it's Monday.  Crazy, I know.  Anniston's birthday party went great (I will post pics soon and tell all about it) and in some ways I'm sad it's over but I'm also glad to have it behind me so I can now focus on other things.  Party planning consumed a lot of my time (and house space!)

So yes, I'm sorta glad it's Monday.  It's good to be back into a routine.  I'm glad Annie's feeling better from her stomach virus.  I'm glad to have my house back to it's normal state.  I'm glad to be less stressed about last minute party stuff.  I have tomorrow off and it's nice to for once not have that much on my to-do list!

Friday and Saturday were spent in full on party mode.  I know Brandon thought I had gone crazy at times; running around the house getting last minute preparations together and barking orders to him.  I know he's glad the party is over!  I was so exhausted Saturday night that I left the house in complete chaos and hit the sack early.

Thank goodness for my mother (aka Kay Kay!)  Brandon left early Sunday morning for a work trip, so my mom drove down to help me get my house back in order and pack away all the party decorations.  We worked practically all day, cleaning and doing laundry, but it feels so good to start the week having everything in order.

We had a lot of fun too.  Anniston was in rare form so it was sometimes hard to stay on task when she was being so cute and silly.

This next pic is of the car my mom and dad gave Anniston for her birthday.  She loves this!  She sits in there so well and is so content for someone to push her around in it.  My mom was pushing her around in it during her birthday party and I had just prepared some food for her but instead of actually getting out of the car to eat it, she would stick her hand out the sides whenever she passed by me so that I would give her a bite to eat!  We called it "going through the drive-thru."  Then on Sunday she would get in there and wave at objects around the house while my mom or I pushed her.  She is so silly!

Other random pics I took this weekend:

After bath- look at her cute little baby curls in the back:)  I scrunched them and styled them with the blow dryer!  Ha- maybe Anniston gets her silliness from me!

Hopefully I will have pics to post of the party soon!  I can't wait to show them!

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