Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our Lazy Weekend

We should win an award for being the laziest family this past weekend.  It was so nice to not have any important plans and long to-do lists.

Brandon got back in town late Thursday night and, of course, was exhausted from his trip.  He had been gone since last Sunday.  Anniston and I were exhausted, too, from being on our own all week long.  Needless to say, all we wanted was a nice, relaxing weekend to spend time with each other.

Friday night we decided to eat dinner out.  I am so thankful to have a baby that is well behaved at restaurants because we do love to eat out (mostly because I don't cook! ha!)  We tried letting A eat off a real plate this time.  Surprisingly, that went really well.  The last time we tried that she was more interested in trying to sling her plate everywhere than she was about eating.  This time, however, she ate so good and only tried to play with the plate once she was finished eating and bored.  And as always, she was very interested in waving at everyone there.

If B and I win the laziness award, then Anniston wins the waving award.  Seriously, she waves all.the.time.  At everyone and everything.  And she will keep waving at you until you wave back.

So here are some pics of her playing right before we headed out to dinner:

Aren't her pants the cutest?  

Trying to take her hair piece out.  She actually left it in for most of the dinner so I was proud!

I let Brandon sleep in on Saturday and I got to sleep in today.  It was glorious!  I actually had to make myself get out of pajamas mid-morning and take a shower.  I considered taking A out to Ulta because I needed a couple of make-up items, but in the end we were just having too much fun hanging out at home.  Works out better for my wallet, too.

Today was even lazier than Saturday, if that's even possible.  Anniston spent some time (a lot of time) riding around the house in her new car that Kay Kay and Poppy gave her for her birthday.  She loves this thing.  We push her all over the house in it and she just sits in there and waves at everything.  This is her "Will you please push me in the car, Mommy?" face.  How can you say no?

She's had plenty of attitude this weekend, too.  When she gets mad she likes to throw things down on the floor and act all huffy.  She absolutely did NOT want to wear her bow this morning.  I'm trying to train her to get used to wearing one, especially since we don't wear one when she goes to Kristi's.  She let me know real quick she didn't want it in her hair!  She took it out and threw it on the floor! Take that, mommy!  

And then as soon as she gets done being sassy, she has to go and be all cute and sweet again...

And because I talk about her incessant waving I had to post some pics proving that this is true...

What is she waving at, you say? Oh nothing but the couch...

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