Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

So much has changed since last Halloween!  It's hard to believe that on this day last year Brandon and I were making one of our first trips to Target with our newborn baby girl.  At the time, that was a big deal!  I think I packed enough in our diaper bag for several days! 

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic...

Aunt Allie also got some cute pics last year of Anniston in her cute little Halloween hat.  It's hard to believe how little she was just a year ago!

And here we are this year!  So much can change in just a year!  We decided not to spend money on a costume this year and just went with a cute outfit.  Allie and I took Anniston out to Chickasaw yesterday and let her run around outside while Allie tried to snap a couple of pictures.  She had the best time.  She ran and giggled and ran and giggled.  I pretended I was chasing her- which she loved!  Good times!

On a side note- please go and "Like" my sister's photography page on Facebook!  She took this awesome pic yesterday and is really trying to get her name out there!

And going WAY back here are some pics from Halloween 2009.  We went as Elvis and Priscilla.  We do live in Memphis, you know!

Happy Halloween!  I will be spending the day working until 8- boo!  But I did have two fabulous days off work Monday and Tuesday so I can't complain.  And it is kinda fun working Halloween night- I love to watch all the people in costumes come in the store!

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