Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vacays, Birthday Preparations, and Photo Shoots

Eek!  It's the week before Anniston's FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!  I cannot believe this week is finally here!  I have so much to do- but it's all exciting, fun stuff.

I took some time off work to prepare for the birthday festivities and spend some extra time with my soon to be 1 year old!  Brandon actually took 3 days off too, so we are enjoying spending extra time with him as well.  Here is a run down of the week thus far:

On Saturday, Allie and I took Anniston to her first pumpkin patch!  She had the best time watching the other kids that were there.  She laughed when they ran by, waved at them, and then waved at them some more.  My child loves to wave!

 This is definitely my child- she does NOT like the dirt:)

Yesterday we had Anniston's first ever professional photography shoot.  Birthday pics are so much fun!  I'll post more details about that later...

Late last week I came down with some sort of stomach bug.  I'll keep the details to a minimum, but it was definitely a rough 2 days.  Unfortunately, I believe Anniston caught what I had.  She's been vomiting and has had some pretty serious diarrhea.  She's barely eaten in the past 2 days and she just hasn't been her usual self.  I feel so sorry for her because I know what it feels like!  Thankfully, she didn't really get to feeling bad until AFTER the photo shoot.  Hopefully, she will feel as good as new for her party on Saturday!

After battling another ear infection for almost 2 months, we went back to the ENT last week for them to culture her ear and suction it.  She was so adorable and friendly to everyone!  She waved to all the nurses, receptionists, and other patients.  I was feeding her a bottle in the waiting room and she even waved to someone walking by without breaking contact with her bottle.  It was so funny!  She handled everything fairly well until the suctioning- which she did NOT like.  I held her hand and tried to comfort her but she just looked up at me with sad, pitiful eyes while she screamed her head off.  Of course, I started crying too which I'm sure didn't help.  Her ears have been so much better since then!  We started a new antibiotic and ear drops and I think they are working!  Finally!  I snapped a couple of pics right before we went because she just looked so darn cute...

The rest of the week will be spent preparing for the party!   It's a good thing I'm not a procrastinator because having a sick baby has definitely slowed me down as far as party preparations go.  Right now, I just hope my baby feels okay for it!  I cannot wait to blog about the party!  Until then, here is a sneak peak at one of the decorations...

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