Friday, June 14, 2013

Five on Friday

1. Ugh! I feel as though the ends of my hair have become so dry and frizzy lately. After talking with my hair stylist about it, we've decided that my hair dryer is causing some heat damage. On to a new hair dryer! Can't have that happening! She suggested a keratin blow dryer? Not sure how that works, but I read some stuff about it and its supposed to be really good for your hair. I'm also going to try a new deep conditioner. Let's hope this helps!

2. Anniston has picked up on saying the word "Ok" lately. And it's not just "okay"- to her, it's "okaaaaaay." And sometimes, when she's feeling pitiful or wanting some sympathy, she will add a little pout on the side:) It really is cute. Everything is okay to her. Do you want to go outside? "Okaaay." We have to change your diaper now. "Okaaay." Would you like some milk? "Okaaay." And sometimes, if she's really excited about something, it's "OK!!!" with a little pep in her step. And the other day she wanted her water while we were driving.  I told her to hang on a minute and she goes "Ok, ok, ok, ok."  Where does she get these things?

3. I got the first part of my IKEA shipment in last week. The only 2 things left to come are one of my Hemnes bookcases, and some of the drawers to Anniston's Trofast toy storage. This was my first IKEA purchase and I LOVE it! I am hooked now. I am so impressed with the quality of it. Of course, Brandon thought it was a huge pain in his behind to put together but once I quickly reminded him how much cheaper this stuff is, he quickly closed his mouth. Ha! I know just what to say...

This is the vittsjo shelf that is going in my sunroom.  I still don't have it styled just right yet, but I looooove it!

4.   I have been trying to cook more lately.  Cooking at all is a major improvement over here.  I made a 3 cheese pasta bake yesterday for dinner along with some chicken enchiladas that I freezed for the nights when Brandon and Anniston have to fend for themselves.  I'm quite proud of myself!  And Anniston LOVED my pasta bake!

5.  Allie and I had a little photo shoot yesterday- but for ME this time!  She took some head shots that I really wanted to use to update all of my social media sites.  I think they are going to turn out good (dry hair and all!)

Linking up with Natasha today for 5 on Friday!

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