Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Round-Up

We had a busy, busy weekend.  I was so much looking forward to this weekend because we didn't have many things that we had to do- so that left a lot of time to just have fun and play it by ear. 

Friday we had a play date with my good friend, Emily, and her two adorable little girls, Olivia and Ava.  They came over to see our new house, since Emily had not been out to see us since we've moved in.  The girls played well together inside for a bit and then we decided to all go swimming.  Anniston has not been real keen on putting on her little floaties but once she saw Olivia and Ava get in with theirs on she was much more receptive.  She even let me let go of her a couple of times!  I didn't get many pictures of our play date- 3 kids under age 4 running around didn't leave much time for picture taking.  I did manage to snap this one shot of Anniston and Olivia.  They weren't too thrilled to be sitting still for picture time, though:) 

Later that night, we all met up again (we included the husbands this time) for dinner at Mellow Mushroom.  We went early evening, but the place was already filling up quickly.  We ended up having to wait for a table for awhile.  Luckily, the kids entertained each other and worked up such a good appetite that by the time we sat down to eat, they were starving and dug into their food!  I was a little worried about all the kids behaving through dinner, but they were all so good!  Emily and I actually had a good bit of time to talk (the kids were too busy stuffing their faces) and Brandon and Frank had a great time having some guy talk.  Successful dinner with a party of 7!  Emily was so sweet to bring the kids suckers to have after their meal- which Anniston got SO excited about. 

And, just for fun, since I didn't get a picture of Emily and me- here's a pic of us during our last year of pharmacy school (2007).

Saturday morning Annie and I made a quick trip to the grocery store bright and early.  Annie was in the best mood and talking non-stop.  At one point I said something about picking something up for Daddy and she says, (really loudly, I might add) "DADDY!"  "WHERE ARE YOU?"  I'm pretty sure the entire store heard her.  Every time I said what the next food item we were going to get, she would repeat it (again, VERY loudly) and when I said "yep" she would say "OKAAAAY!"  It was an interesting trip. 

After unloading the groceries, we headed out to the park just down the road from our house.  They have 2 huge playgrounds and a lake where you can feed the ducks.  We brought bread for the ducks and then played on both the playgrounds.  She thought she was such a big girl because we let her go down both of the big slides. 

After nap we spent some time in our pool.  Since Anniston did so well on Friday with her floaties on, I wanted to try again.  She didn't protest at all!  B and I took turns doing silly jumps off the diving board- which she thought was hilarious.  She would say "Mommy, jump!" or "Daddy, jump!"  After an hour or so Brandon and I were exhausted!

We wanted to do something a little special for dinner Saturday night so we decided to go eat on the Collierville square.  I had been promising Annie all afternoon that we would go see a choo choo train at dinner.  We ate at more of a fancy-ish restaurant called Café Piazza where we could overlook the square and the big train that sits there.  We even saw a real train come by right after we were seated.  Anniston was amazed.  She loves trains.

After dinner we walked over to the train so she could get up on it.

Then we went to Yo-Lo to treat ourselves to some frozen yogurt.  Annie was in love, of course.

We were all a little lazy Sunday morning before we headed out to church. 

Brunch after church, naptime, and more laziness made up the majority of our Sunday afternoon.  It was fabulous.  Although I did manage to prepare food for dinner and lunches for the week.  Go me!

That afternoon/evening we went to our neighborhood block party.  They do this every 2-3 months but this was the first one we have been able to attend.  I was so excited to get to meet some of the people that live around us.  They had a food truck set up selling tacos and burritos, side walk chalk, hula hoops, and a huge bouncy house with a slide.  We met a lot of new people and Annie had so much fun running around and playing with kids twice her size.  Was she intimidated?  Nope.  I was a little cautious about her getting in the bouncy house without me with so many bigger kids in there but she did great!  She can hang with them all!  It was really fun and I'm glad we went.  Hopefully, we can get more involved now that we have settled in our house.

And to end with a picture- here is Miss IThinkI'mALotOlderThanIReallyAm ready to head off to the party:

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  1. Cute! We saw Emily and her girls at open gym at Sega a while back. It's so crazy how much has happened in our lives since school. Cafe Piazza is my absolute favorite. The veggie herb pizza is to die for.


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