Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zoo Day

Brandon, Allie, and I took Anniston to the zoo on Sunday. I think the last time we took her was back in September of last year? I knew she was going to have a blast this time because she can actually recognize animals and imitate the sound they make.

We got there as soon as they opened on Sunday morning in hopes to avoid the crowds. I have to say, we saw more animals this time up close than we ever have before. Maybe because it was morning, or maybe because there were less people gawking at them. The cats were the first thing we saw- huge spotted ones that came right up to the window. Annie was in awe. It was so fun to get to see the look on her face.

The stingrays are on exhibit right now at our zoo. Brandon enjoyed getting to touch them and Anniston had fun just watching! After that, Brandon wanted to take her on a train ride. The train circles around the "zoo farm" so you get to see the cows, pigs, etc. He knew she would love getting to see those animals. She wasn't exactly jumping for joy to get on the train and leave Allie and I behind. I think she was a little scared because it was something big and new. Once it started going she saw all the farm animals, Brandon said she enjoyed it. Later, we asked her what her favorite animal that she saw that day was and she replied "moo."

She also loved seeing the monkeys. We ate lunch right in front of them and some even came up to the window right in front of our table a couple of times. Anniston would wave at them and say "Hi."

We also saw the elephants, giraffes, lions, and pandas. After lunch we were all pooped. It was so hot and we were ready to get somewhere to cool off. It was a fun day though. Since then, Anniston has been constantly insisting that we sing the "a-mals" (animals) song to her. In case you didn't know, that's code for Old McDonald Had a Farm. She loves for me to say the animal and her to do the corresponding sound. Over and over. And over. Fun times:)

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