Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pool Parties

We decided not to take a vacation this year but instead just enjoy our new house and pool.  After this weekend, I'm not regretting that decision.  We had our very first two pool parties to kick off the beginning to a great summer!

We had Brandon's family over on Friday.  Anniston absolutely loves playing with her twin cousins, Mary Beth and Neely.  She thinks she is as big as they are and always tries to imitate everything they do.  She loved watching them swim and play and jump off the diving board.  Even Brandon and Allie joined in the fun of jumping off the diving board and making huge splashes- which Annie thought was so funny!

 Annie also had a lot of fun pretending the stereo remote was a phone.  She would pick it up, use her shoulder to hold it up to her ear, and say "Hey-wo!"

 She also had fun "working in her office" apparently.  She entertained herself for the longest time.  I should give her a piece of paper and pen more often!

Anniston's sweet cousins- Mary Beth and Neely.  Anniston calls them the "gurs" for "the girls."

Saturday we had my family from Jackson over.  Everyone had a blast either swimming, or sitting under our gazebo just watching all the fun.  We had some great snack foods, too!

I cannot WAIT to have more pool parties!  I'm so glad we bought this house when we did- just in time to enjoy summer with our awesome families!

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  1. Aw! She looks just like you in that picture on the bottom left! So cute!


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