Saturday, December 14, 2013

Anniston's First Perfermance- Christmas Program + Build A Bear

I have been looking forward to Anniston's school Christmas program since the beginning of the school year.  Something about seeing my sweet little 2 year old singing Christmas songs and talking about baby Jesus brings tears to my eyes!

Anniston's class (being the youngest) were all dressed up as different animals.  Anniston was a donkey and apparently she picked what she wanted to be.  I would have thought she would have picked the cow, but hey, whatever!  She was the cutest little donkey!  The program was mostly songs, with a few short lines in between and Anniston's class pretty much sat on the floor in the front and just looked cute while the older kids stood behind them and sang.  I will say that Anniston did do a lot of singing and hand gestures with them though.  We lost two of the other kids in her class about halfway through the program due to stage fright but Anniston stood strong the entire time! 

She would smile really big when she caught mine or Allie's eye (Brandon was up in the balcony trying to film.)  I was really surprised that she knew a lot of the words to the songs and most of the hand gestures- I think her class was really just expected to (hopefully) sit there.  I was so proud!

Afterwards, Allie and I took Anniston to Build A Bear so she could pick out her Christmas present from Aunt Allie.  We did this last year and it was a big hit.  She had so much fun.  She picked out a dog, named her Bella, and insisted on taking her for a walk on her leash all over the store!  It was so cute! 

Anniston LOVES her new dog.  This is a fun tradition that Aunt Allie has started!  We had a super busy but fun day!

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