Monday, December 16, 2013

Celebrating the Season- Our Weekend

We had a lot of fun this weekend doing Christmas related things.  I just want to bottle up this time with Anniston because she is at such a fun age right now.  It's just so fun getting in the holiday spirit with her and seeing everything through her little 2 year old eyes. 

We spent most of Saturday doing things around the house.  I've been working on decorating our master bedroom so Anniston and I took a trip to Target to get a few things.  I also slipped in a few more Christmas presents while we were there.  You see, that is the problem with finishing your shopping early- I keep buying stuff! 

All ready to go to Target.  As you can see, Bella still goes everywhere with her!

After nap, we met our good friends Emily and Frank, and their two girls, Ava and Olivia at the Pink Palace for the Enchanted Forest.  We went last year (twice) but Anniston doesn't remember, so I was excited for her to experience everything again now that she is older.   It was an added bonus that Ava and Olivia were there for her to play with and she ended up having a great time.  We all did, actually.  It's not very big and doesn't take long to go through it, but seeing Anniston's eyes light up at all the figurines and trains was so much fun.  Once again, she absolutely did NOT want to go near Santa, so we waved again from a distance. 

The lighting was horrible and all I took was my iphone- this is the best I got!

Afterwards, we all went to eat at one of mine a Brandon's all time favorite restaurants, Bosco's.  We used to eat there regularly when we lived in East Memphis, so it was nice going to one of our old hang out spots.  The girls were so good even though we had to wait almost 30 minutes for a table.  It was worth the wait, though and they entertained each other.

Sunday morning my parents came in town for a bit to help with a little squirrel issue we were having in our attic.  Anniston was so excited to see her Poppy and Kay Kay and even Aunt Allie visited for a little bit before she had to go to work. 

Later that evening, we got all dressed up and headed to Germantown Baptist church for the Christmas program with Brandon's family.  It was only supposed to last an hour, so I was hoping the music and singing would entertain Anniston for that long.  She loved it!  She danced, pretend played the drums, and clapped so enthusiastically after each performance.  And when it was time to pray, she bowed her head and put her hands together.  It melted my heart:)


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