Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving + Black Friday Shopping + The Weekend

My Thanksgiving schedule at work was not so great this year, but that's ok because I have a really awesome schedule this coming week- I work Monday and Tuesday and that's all for the rest of the week!  We have some really fun Christmas activities planned and I can't wait!

We packed up and headed to Jackson for Thanksgiving at my aunt's on Thursday morning.  It was fun and relaxing and Anniston had fun spending the day with some of her favorite people.

We drove back to Memphis late that afternoon, and after I got Anniston settled in for the night, Allie and I hit up a couple of Black Friday sales.  We arrived at Target about 10 min. before they opened and the line was wrapped around the building.  We were totally not prepared to stand in line in the cold (neither of us were wearing any cold weather gear) so we decided to chill out in the car until the doors were open.  They handed out maps as we walked in.  Seriously?  We weaved in and out of the crowds of people piling TVs and such into their carts.  It was kind of crazy.  I ended up buying a few toys for Anniston, a flannel sheet set (for $16!), and a cordless vacuum.  The line was crazy long, but Target was so organized that we ended up being in and out of there in about an hour.  Success! 

We hit up Old Navy next.  I was really wanting to buy Anniston a few things from there since they were having 50% off the entire store.  We racked up on stuff, but after standing in line for almost 45 min. and still not being even close to the register, we decided to take our chances with the online sale the next day.  It was fun, but I sure can't go all night long like some people!  I ended up buying A LOT online the next day from various places that were having awesome online deals.  That's the way to shop, my friends!

I worked all weekend long, but Anniston was well entertained while I was gone.  Friday night, Brandon took her to the Germantown tree lighting ceremony.  Lights, singing, refreshments, and Santa = one happy little girl.  And Brandon had so much fun taking her by himself.  He doesn't get to do stuff like this very often and I think he had just as much fun as she did.  They looked at all the lights, ate cookies, and saw Santa.  Brandon said Anniston hid behind his leg when she saw him, so all they did was wave at him from afar:)  Brandon even took the camera and got some pictures!  What a good Daddy!

Saturday my parents came in town to spend some time with her.  They took her to the bookstore (which she LOVES) and let her play and walk around in the little kiddo area.  They have a really awesome kid's section and Anniston has so much fun going around looking at all the toys and books.


I didn't have to go into work until noon on Sunday, so we had the entire morning to hang out and play!  Our elf, Alice, made her debut the night before.  Anniston didn't quite know what to think about her.  She smiled and giggled at her and then we read the little letter that Santa sent.  We attempted to read the book, but that didn't hold her attention very long.

Anniston has been really into tap dancing lately (YAY!) so I busted out my tap shoes and did a little performance for her.  She was amazed and immediately wanted to try on my shoes and do it herself.  Of course they were too big for her and she could barely walk in them, let alone tap, but she had fun trying.  I told her Santa might bring her a pair of dancing shoes!  When we were talking later about what all Santa was going to bring her she stated, "A lion, an elephant, and dancing shoes!"  We are still stuck on the lion and elephant it seems.  Looks like I will be frantically trying to find a little stuffed lion and elephant before Christmas!

She even busted out mama's pointe shoes!!

That about sums up our Thanksgiving weekend! I'm looking forward to all the fun things we have planned this week!

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