Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas morning we all woke up bright and early and were so eager to see what Santa had brought the night before.  Brandon went downstairs ahead of us to start the video camera so we could get Anniston's reaction.  She was surprised to say the least!  She just stood there for a second and stared at it all.  Then she ran over to all the toys to start inspecting it all. 

The Disney princess castle and the teepee were the first two things she gravitated towards.  It was so fun to see her excitement over it all!  She had fun pulling gifts out of her stocking.  One of her favorite things from her stocking was a little Dora chapstick set.  She carried those around and loved putting it her lips (and cheeks.) 

She also loved her Minnie Mouse vacuum cleaner and the little play makeup set I got her.  She watches me put on my makeup every morning and loves to play with my makeup brushes- now she has her own set!  We let her play with all the stuff Santa had set out and then we ate a quick breakfast before opening the few gifts he had set out under the tree.  She loved the little play broom set (she loves to sweep with my real broom) and the Caillou DVD and book.

She LOVED her lion and elephant!  I was so glad I got them for her after she asked Santa to bring them (over and over and over, I might add.)  She hugged them and said, "Thank you, Santa!"
After all the presents from Santa had been opened and played with, it was time to get ready for our company.  This is the first year that my family has come to Memphis for Christmas and it was so nice to be able to stay in our pjs and play with all her toys that morning instead of having to rush off to Jackson.  The rest of our family arrived and Anniston had fun showing everyone all the toys she got.

After we ate, it was time to open presents!  Kay Kay got her a Disney princess camera just like her Aunt Allie's.  The first thing she did was point it at me and said, "Say cheese, Mommy!"  This girl knows what to do with a camera, thanks to Aunt Allie!

We all had so much fun and everyone stayed until early evening before heading back home.  I'm so glad we hosted Christmas at our new house this year- it was so nice letting Anniston play with all her toys all day long instead of traveling.  It was a great day with all of my favorite people!

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