Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vacation Days and Christmas Festivities

Last week I used the last of my paid time off and got 5 days off in a row.  I was so excited to get some down time around the house with Anniston.  We also had planned a few Christmas activities to do over the long weekend.  Thursday night Anniston started to not feel well.  She was cranky and moody and was just not being herself.  Sure enough, she woke up Friday morning running a fever and pretty much felt bad all day long.  Since we were in the middle of an ice storm scare, it worked well for us just to stay at home all day and take it easy.

We did find time to do a little painting:

I worked on painting a small chalkboard wall in our kitchen during nap time:
Then we baked cookies after nap in hopes of cheering her up a bit:
Aunt Allie and Uncle Brandon came over and brought dinner Friday night.  Anniston and Allie had fun seeing what the days' advent calendar would bring (a huge peppermint pop ring that Anniston LOVED!)  We read a Christmas book and all sang Christmas carols together.  It was a festive little Friday night, despite the fever!
But at the end of the night, my sweet little girl was tired, sick, and ready for bed.  Poor baby!
Saturday morning she woke up with a slight fever and was still a little fussy- I'll let the picture do the talking on that:

After a bit of medicine and a good long nap, she was feeling much better.  She didn't run fever the rest of the day, so we decided that getting out of the house for a little while would do her some good.  We met up with our old neighbor (who just happens to be one of Brandon's good friends and old fraternity brothers) and his fiancé at Bosco's in midtown.  Annie had a good time and getting out of the house seemed to help!
We met up with Allie Sunday morning for our Christmas card photo shoot.  It was freezing and icy and Anniston was still a little fussy, so we basically got a few quick shots and were done! 
That night we went with Allie and Brandon to see Starry Nights at Shelby Farms.  She loved the lights last year, and she really liked them again this year but her favorite part by far was the animals at the petting zoo!  They had camels that you could ride, fake snow, and Santa.  She kept wanting to go back and forth between the camels and Santa.  She didn't want to get too close to Santa, though, so we just waved at him from a distance.  Doesn't look like we will get any pictures with Santa this year unless I want to traumatize a 2 year old!

Allie and I took her into the petting zoo while the boys waited outside.  She loved all the animals and had so much fun making all the animal sounds as we went around to each one.  She was much braver with the animals than she was at Cedar Hill Farms when we went to the pumpkin patch.  She actually stuck her hand out for the animals several times- which made me very nervous!  I was scared some of those donkeys were going to take a finger off! 
It was really fun and she talked all night long about all the animals she saw!  She's feeling much better and I'm glad I had the time off to spend with her when she wasn't feeling well.  Even though we spent most of the weekend indoors fighting off a fever, it was still a really great weekend!!!

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