Friday, November 18, 2011

Chickasaw Photo Shoot

My wonderful, awesome, loving sister suggested we all go out to Chickasaw Gardens last Saturday so she could practice taking some photos of me, Brandon, and Anniston. She recently bought a fancy new camera and has been trying to learn some photography tricks. She did awesome taking pictures of Anniston when she was born and in the weeks to follow. If it wasn't for Aunt Allie, we would not have had a lot of pictures from the first couple of weeks after she was born. Things were so crazy and I was exhausted- so taking pictures was not high on the priority list!

Chickasaw Gardens has beautiful scenery, especially in the fall and Allie did a fantastic job of capturing all of it. We got quite a few good pictures out of it. Anniston was so good- she slept like a log the entire time!

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