Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

This year was Anniston's first Thanksgiving! I was a little worried about how she would hold up at all the family dinners but she did fantastic! Last weekend we had an early dinner with the Hopper family. She got a little fussy towards the end but was really good for the most part. I had ordered her a turkey onesie with her name on it from Etsy and she looked so cute!

Wednesday night we had dinner with Pat, Nana, Tara, Tracy, and the twins. She was good the entire time! Tara fed her a bottle and then Pat and Nana took turns holding her while she slept so peacefully.

On Thanksgiving day we drove to Jackson to have our Thanksgiving lunch at Nancy's. We ate, hung out, and then had a photo session in the front yard. It had been a while since all the cousins had taken pictures together. Then we lounged around looking at all the Black Friday deals. It was a great day!

Kay Kay and Poppy kept Anniston Thursday and Friday night so Brandon and I could get some much needed sleep! After we got back to Memphis, Brandon and I went up to RP Tracks to eat some food and watch some football. We didn't make it long though- we were ready to crash for a full night of un-interuppted sleep!! And boy was it nice! I think I slept for about 10 hours Thursday night!

On Friday, neither of us could muster up the energy to get out and about with all the crazy shoppers. We stayed around the house getting chores done. It felt so nice to get caught up on housework because it's so hard to do it when Anniston is here. Friday night Brandon took me out for my birthday. He also got me a gift card to Pavo salon. I can't wait to use this- I'm thinking a pedicure or a massage! Whoo hoo!

This Thanksgiving was really great- I have so much to be thankful for. It's amazing to look back and realize how much has changed since last Thanksgiving. I feel so blessed!

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