Thursday, January 5, 2012

Battle of the Ears

After a night of fussiness and crying on Tuesday, I took Anniston in to the pediatrician yesterday.  As expected, she has another ear infection.  This will be the second one in 3 weeks:(  I'm so glad I didn't hesitate to take her in.  She never has run a fever with the infections, so sometimes I feel like it's just a guessing game.  By now, I know my baby and I know when she is acting abnormal.  Crying uncontrollably for several hours is just not like her so I knew something was wrong- I just didn't know what.  She cried the entire time we were waiting on the doctor.  I was tired, frustrated, and feeling so helpless that when our doctor finally walked in I turned to her and said "HELP!"  She loaded her up with meds- which I am very thankful for.  We got a little Tylenol with codeine, ear drops with benzocaine, and a shot of Rocephin.  I was so glad she offered to do the antibiotic shot.  Since this infection happened so close to her last one, I knew she needed something in addition to the Amoxicillin we got last time.

That being said, it sure was hard to watch them give her the shot.  I made it ok through her 2 month vaccinations but this one was definitely worse.  Probably because she wasn't feeling good to start with.  She screamed so bad that she started choking.  My heart just broke in half.  I started crying and the nurses had to go get me tissues.  I scooped her up the second they were done to console her.  She stopped crying pretty quickly.  I think she was so worn out and it wasn't long before she was asleep on my shoulder.  I felt so bad for her.  She did pretty good the rest of the day, but I could tell she still didn't feel good.  Normally she is happy and kicking and playing but yesterday she was content to just sit around and look pitiful.  She was very "chill."  I hope this isn't a sign of problems we are going to have in the future.  I never wanted to be one of those parents whose kids are on antibiotics every other week.  I see so many of those at work and I never wanted that to me my kid.  I have to keep reminding myself that there are worse things that could be wrong with her and I'm very lucky that this is at least treatable.  Overall, God has been so good to us!

Here is my precious baby- smiling even though she didn't feel good!


  1. Poor baby!! Hope she feels better soon!

  2. Awww I think little ones should not be able to be's so sad. I hope she's better soon...I'm glad she's such a good sport though.


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