Sunday, January 22, 2012

Motivate Yourself Monday

I am linking up with my sister, Allie, for "Motivate Yourself Monday."  Here are some things that I am trying to muster up some motivation to do this week:

ONE:  Not eat "out" at work this week.  I've got healthy salads, granola bars, chex mix, and carrots all prepped for the week so hopefully I will stick to eating just what I bring.  Having everything organized for the week on Sunday night really helps keep me motivated to stay on track!

I also try to prepare all of Anniston's bottles and formula for a couple of days so I can get out the door quicker in the mornings.  I'm on top of it for this week!

TWO:  Organize and back up my pictures.  My sister helped me get started with Adobe Lightroom this weekend and I'm loving the way it helps you organize all your pictures.  I want to be able to quickly find any picture I have easily so I need to go through and categorize the hundreds of pics I have of Anniston.  It seriously raises my blood pressure several notches to think that my computer could crash and I could lose all my precious pics.  That thought alone motivates me to BACK UP!

THREE:  Run at least 2 times this week.  Hopefully more.  But I'll be satisfied with twice.  Maybe I can find some inspiration this week to motivate me for that extra run.....

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest
How's this for some motivation?  Maybe I can tell myself if I run, I could look like this.  Ok, maybe not exactly like this, but a better me!

FOUR:  Order Anniston some cute headbands for her summer outfits (I'm thinking Etsy, of course.) I see these cute headbands on Pinterest and I really need to go through and order her some to match all the adorable outfits I have been collecting for spring/summer!

Let's hope I can stay motivated to complete these by the end of the week!!

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