Sunday, January 29, 2012

Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K

Today Allie, Brandon C., and I got up and hit the roads for an early morning run. I am counting down the days to warmer weather so I can take my little pumpkin with me!

The Boring Runner was doing a little virtual "Freeze Your Thorns Off" 5K so we thought it would be fun to participate.  We were total nerds and printed off some super cool bibs so we could get the full effect.  Oh yeah- we are cool.  I'm sure everyone that passed us thought so too- Ha!

 I've been sick (we all have, actually) off and on for over a week now so I haven't really felt good enough to get some quality runs in over the past week.  We kicked some butt today!  Brandon C (Allie's husband) ran with us and I always love it when he joins us.  I think of him as my personal pacer.  He's also really good at shouting out some motivation towards the end when I can't feel my legs and my speed starts to dwindle down.  It was cold, but thankfully the wind was not blowing so it actually felt pretty good once we started working up a little sweat.  As always, the scenery in the neighborhood where we run was awesome. I was shocked that after taking a week off from running I was able to keep up with the Chewnings- but I did!  I felt super cool:)  Now I just need me some awesome Nike running sunglasses so I can be cool like Allie....

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