Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

My new custom New Balance shoes I designed myself to start back to work!  I love the kelly green color...

My grandmother's chex mix.  She has a "special" recipe that she uses and it is the BEST ever!  She recently made me a batch so I could take some to work to munch on.

Ruby's new doggie door.  My dad came down a couple of weeks ago and installed one for us.  Now we can save some major $$$ by not having to take her to doggie daycare.  I just hate leaving her all cooped up while I'm at work and it's too cold to leave her outside all day!

My new Inchbug labels I ordered for Anniston's bottles for daycare.  I absolutely love them!  A friend gave me some for a shower gift and I loved them so much I ordered more- purple, of course.

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