Sunday, January 22, 2012

Workin' Mama Update

Whew! I have successfully completed my first week back at work.  The week went well but came with quite a few hurdles.  Luckily, we all toughed it out and now can relax and enjoy the weekend.  Here's how the week went:

Monday was my first day back.  Anniston woke up with a really bad cold.  She was sneezing, coughing, and a lot of congestion.  I think it bothered me more than it did her but still, I felt so bad having to leave her when she sounded so pitiful.

 It didn't take me long to get back in my groove but I was thankful we were not that busy.  It gave me a chance to catch up with everyone and spend some extra time chatting with my customers.  Everyone was so glad to see me back- and that made me feel so good.  I took pictures of Anniston and put them on the fridge so when customers asked about her I got to show off my beautiful baby girl.  It was so nice to be back among adults and to hear about what all was going on in their lives.  I was due to close that night, which meant I didn't get off until 8pm.  I talked to Brandon about 7:30 and he was just then giving Anniston her last bottle.  I got really excited because I thought she might still be awake by the time I got home.  I just wanted to hold her for a minute before she went to bed.  I raced (by raced I mean I actually ran) in the parking lot to my car to try to make it home in time.  Brandon met me at the back door and told me she was passed out.  I totally lost it and the tears started coming.  I was so disappointed.  I sobbed (oh yes!) on Brandon's shoulder for about 10 minutes before I pulled myself together again.  It was an emotional day and I needed to have a good cry.  She ended up waking up about an hour after I got home (and no, I didn't wake her!) so I got to rock her back to sleep.  All was well in the world again!

Tuesday went better.  I worked the early shift (8-5).  We woke up early so we could have some play time before I took her to her babysitter.  It was nice to be able to spend time with her at night, give her a bath, and rock her to bed.

Wednesday I myself developed a cold.  Head congestion, pressure, stuffy nose, snotty nose- you name it, I had it.  I was thanking the Lord that B was in town this week and I would have help with Anniston when I got home.  All it took was one smile and laugh from her after a long, sickly day at work and I forgot how bad I felt.  Seriously, she has magic powers:)

Thankfully, I only felt bad on Wednesday and Thursday. My three day weekend started on Friday and we woke up early for a trip to the pediatrician so they could re-check her ears.  Another ear infection.  Sigh...
Another round of antibiotics.  Sigh...  At least we caught it before it got really bad.

I made it through my first week back at work even though Anniston and I were both under the weather.  Hopefully, next week will be a breeze when we are both feeling better!  I'm really happy with my decision to return to work.  After I got past the withdrawals from not seeing her as much, I really enjoyed getting back to doing what I love.  I look so forward to seeing her when I get off and I have really cherished the time we have gotten to spend together.


  1. Kelly, I used to watch your youtube videos;) It's so great to find your blog. I'm a pharmacist with Kroger too and had a precious baby girl Rose Amelia 8 months ago. I have been blessed to get to quit my job as pharmacy manager when she was born and stay with her full-time but I am going to return in a few weeks for 1 day a week and I'm already having anxiety over just 1 day a week away from her!! I know I'm crazy... Anyway, Congrats and I'm so happy for you. The Lord surely blesses:) Also, I worked at a "new" Kroger with more a high-end look, etc. (Westlake Kroger Smith mountain lake va) It was wonderful!!

  2. Visiting from Kelly's - what a beautiful family and it looks like you've got it all together! You go, mom!!!

  3. Another Kelly visiting from Kelly's Korner. :) Hi!

  4. Popping over from Kelly's Korner, so glad you had a good first week back, and I hope it gets easier! And I love Anniston's name, very pretty


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