Thursday, January 26, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

B left for a business trip Tuesday morning so it's just us girls (me, Anniston, and Ruby) for a couple of days.  I had to work on Tuesday, so my mom drove into town to pick up the kiddo from daycare and help me give her a bath and put her to bed that night.  Yesterday and today are my days off this week, since I'm working the weekend shift (boo) this Saturday and Sunday.  I dislike the weekend shifts, especially when B is in town, but I do LOVE my days off during the week- time to check some stuff off that to-do list!  Thankfully, I haven't had that much that HAS to be done.  Rest and relaxation is what I need right now.  Monday and Tuesday at work was cah-razy!!!!!!  450 prescriptions filled on Monday = rough day!  I dreamed of little pills dancing in my sleep that night.  I was ready for a fun two days off!

I took Anniston to daycare for a few hours yesterday so I could get a couple of things done.  I had some laundry to do, trash to take out, and a few things to order on the internet:)  Ha.  It's so nice when the hubby is out of town and not sitting beside me asking "What are you buying on the internet now?"  Whoop, whoop- get the credit cards ready- it's time to online shop!!!    I ordered A some hairbows and headbands from a couple of different stores to match all her cute summer outfits.  I'm also gearing up for another baby clothes auction tonight on Facebook.  I totally need to be in my "zone" with absolute concentration for these since it's a first come, first win kind of thing.  Hard to accomplish this with B rambling on about some soccer goal that just happened on after A goes to bed it's just me and the computer ready to score some cute stuff!

We spent today laying low around the house since the weather was so yucky outside. Aunt Allie came over to hang out us and we had the best time playing and goofing off with Anniston.  I love days like that!
Even thought I have enjoyed getting the TV to myself (Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, American Idol- oh yeah!) and spending our hard earned money on stuff A probably doesn't need, I will be so happy when B gets back home.  I love us spending the nights playing with Anniston, giving her a bath, and then curling up on the sofa to watch a little TV before bed.  Family time with Daddy is the best but us girls sure did have some fun!

Here are some pics we took the last few days:

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  1. She is such a cutie! And I can totally relate to enjoying time home alone without someone asking what you're doing every 5 seconds


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