Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Saturday of Photos

I thought it would be cool to do a timeline in photos of a random day in our lives.  How fun will it be years from now to look back on?  This past Saturday was just a normal day;  nothing special was going on and that's exactly why I chose to do this day.  Sometimes it's those random, kick-back days that hold the best memories...

7 am
We woke up and attempted to get dressed for the day.  Anniston, however, had her eye on one thing only- her bottle.  Until she had that, she did NOT want to get dressed.  So she was naked Anniston until after she ate.

7:30 am
She is MUCH happier now.  We were able to get dressed and snap a couple of photos.  Now that she has a full tummy she's started to get sleepy again!

8 am
We play in her jumparoo that she loves so much.  I love watching her look at all the lights.  She gets so excited when she figures out how to make it bounce!

9 am
Time for her morning nap and the dreaded laundry for me....

Play time again!  We watch and sing along to our Baby Einstein Nursery Rhymes and watch Daddy do his bike ride

10:30 am
Aunt Allie comes over to hang out for a minute before we go running.

11 am
And off we go...our first "official" run together since Anniston was born.  We did 3 miles and it felt great!

12 pm
After our run and a quick bite to eat we came home to find Daddy playing with Anniston

I think her ears are better and not hurting her as bad but I give her a little Tylenol just in case.  She actually loves taking medicine- it's a good thing since I'm a pharmacist!!!!  Ha ha

1:00 pm
Time for a Target run!  It's a little chilly so we get all bundled up.

6:00 pm
Bath time!  This is one of our favorite times.  She is always so happy and loves splashing around in her bath tub.

7:00 pm
She is soooo sleepy.  This pic Brandon snapped as I pulled her last bottle of the night out of her mouth. She fell asleep while eating.  We then put her to bed (after cleaning up her mouth, of course!:) Lol

What a great Saturday it was.  Just hanging out as a family enjoying spending time with each other.  Years from now I will look back on this post and think "How did my baby grow up so fast?"  I try to enjoy every minute with her!

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  1. Love this post! Kay Kay enjoys hearing about Anniston's day!


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