Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day in the Life 5/9/12

So many people have been doing this lately and since I really wanted to do a "Week in the Life" photo book that just didn't happen, I decided to this post instead.  It will be so fun to look back on in a couple of years and see what our life was like.  I'm off work today and this is a pretty normal routine for us when we are at home.  I might do another one in a week or so and pick a day when I go to work.  I really want to document that as well!

5:30 am- Anniston wakes up. She is an early riser.  I cannot get her to sleep much past this time.  When I work the early shift we have to be out the door at 7 so she has to be up at 6 am in order for us to get ready to leave.  She is now in the habit of getting up early and I've just had to embrace the early wake-up time and view it as extra time to get stuff done, spend time with her, etc.  Brandon is already up and starting to get ready to leave for Oxford, MS for a business trip so he goes to get her from her crib and puts her in bed with me.  I know she probably won't go back to sleep at this point but I wanted to lay in bed for a minute and snuggle with her.  I'm off work today, so I don't get to do this very much!

6:00 am- I sit her in her in her highchair while I get her breakfast out.  We have bananas and apples (1 container of each) and I make note that I need a Target run today to stock up on more baby food.  I feed her a 4 oz bottle after that. 

6:30 am- Once she's finished with breakfast, I sit her in the exersaucer we keep in the kitchen while I clean up her breakfast, wash some bottles, fill the dishwasher up, and eat a little something myself.  I look over at her and she has "walked" over to where my purse hangs and is trying to chew the strap off!

The innocent before face:

Caught red-handed!

7:00 am- we come into the playroom (our living room) to sit on the playmat and I write a blog post while she plays with her toys and crawls around (backwards, not forwards yet.)

7:30 am- I get her dressed for the day with a new outfit I bought from Janie and Jack.  She looks adorable in it and I can't resist taking a few pictures of her.

8:15 am- Anniston goes down for her first nap of the day.  Right now, she doesn't nap for long periods of time, but instead takes a lot of short naps during the day.  I take a shower and get dressed while she naps.

8:45 am- Anniston wakes up and she sits in my lap for a while playing with a toy while I download some pictures to my computer.

9:30 am- It's time for another 4 oz bottle and to get ready for our Target run.  I have painters at my house today painting the outside of our house (hopefully we are putting it on the market soon!) so it's a bit of an ordeal to get Ruby put up so she won't bother them and to get them to all back up so I can get out of my driveway.  Did I mention I'm so ready to move?

10:00 am- Target run!  Anniston has so much fun sitting up in the shopping cart and looking at everything.  I would make a few funny faces or say something and she would squeal and giggle at me as if she's having the best time. 

 We then run in Pottery Barn outlet since it's in the same shopping center just to see if they have anything I can't resist.  I ended up finding this drink dispenser (I've been looking for one but I haven't been satisfied with any of the ones I've found so far) to use for her birthday party.  How awesome is this?

11:10 am- we arrive back home and it's time for Anniston's second nap of the day.  While she naps, I unload the car and put away our Target purchases, put a load of laundry in the wash, and edit some pictures.

12:15 pm- Anniston wakes up and is one hungry girl!  It's time for lunch.  She has peas followed by another 4 oz bottle

12:30 pm- We play some more in her "playroom."

1:20 pm- I put her in her jumparoo while I put clothes in the dryer and clean up from lunch.

1:45 pm- Nap time again!  I sit down to write this blog post and play on the internet for a bit.

2:20 pm- Anniston wakes up and I hold her for a bit while she gets fully woken up. She plays in her playpen while I fold clothes then I sit her in the exersaucer in the kitchen while I make me some nachos as a snack.  I use the multi-grain tortilla chips and a little mild cheddar and bake in the oven for a couple of minutes.  Simple and random, I know but I didn't have much here at the house and I needed a little snack.  Aunt Allie decides to stop by for a little while to hang out with us.  

3:00 pm-  Aunt Allie feeds Anniston a 4 oz bottle while I make her (Allie) some of my nachos- guess they looked pretty good, eh?

3:15-4:20 pm- We all play in the playroom.  We try to "teach" Anniston to crawl forwards.  Anniston has just (as in today) gotten the hang of going from all fours to sitting up and vice versa.  We watched her practice that for a bit.

4:20 pm- I try to put Anniston down for her last nap of the day but she was resisting and fussing quite a bit.  This is sometimes the hardest nap for her to take but it helps her not be so fussy before bedtime.  So about 4:45 after listening to her fuss for 20 minutes, Anniston, Ruby, and I all get in bed to take a nap.  We've been doing this the past couple of weeks at this time (when I'm off work) and I enjoy snuggling with her and watching her sleep beside me.  Sometimes I will close my eyes too but mostly I just play on my iPad and enjoy having my girls in the bed with me.

5:30 pm- Anniston wakes up and since Brandon is home by now, he feeds her some squash and mix of broccoli, peas, and pears for dinner.  I always offer her some watered down juice afterwards, but here lately she only takes a couple of sips and is done with it.  

5:50 pm- Brandon goes to get pick up some dinner at a local favorite of ours.  Brandon's mom or "Mimi" as we call her is coming over for a bit to hang out with us and see Anniston.

6:00 pm- Mimi arrives and we spend some time talking with her and showing her what all Anniston has learned since the last time she saw her.  We all eat dinner as well.

7:00 pm- Anniston takes her last bottle of the day.  I usually give her 6 oz at this last feeding.  We play a bit more and then start getting ready for bed.

7:30 pm- I get Anniston in her pajamas and ready for bed.  If today were a bath night, we would do that first, but tomorrow is bath night so we get to skip that today!  Mimi realizes she locked her keys in her car and has to call Triple A.  Anniston and I go back into her nursery while Brandon and Mimi wait for Triple A.

8:30 pm- Mimi finally gets her car unlocked and Brandon and I sit down to relax.  Brandon watches his sports shows and I finish up this post.  Most nights we do a little pick-up around the house once she goes to bed, but since I've been home all day the house is pretty much in order.  Plus, my cleaning lady came yesterday!  We watch a little TV together and he rubs my feet (I love to have my feet rubbed and he is such a good husband to do it!)

9:45 pm- We go get in bed.  We generally will watch about 10-15 minutes of random TV in bed before going to sleep but we are so tired tonight we go straight to sleep!


  1. Love this!! I will have to do one of these soon. What part of town are ya'll wanting to move to?

    1. I want to try to stay around here if we can! I love this part of town but I just don't know if we will find the space we need at an affordable price- but we are gonna try!

  2. Coming from Kelly's link up- I have a 5 month old daughter! Love the rolls on your sweet little girl :)

  3. Cute post! I should try this except now that the girls are 3 our days change up a lot. Y'all should move out here to Collierville! We love it!


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