Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week has started off great!  I'm finally getting some things checked off my to-do list, I'm spending time with Anniston, and I've made some decisions and come to peace about a few things.

(one)  I'm loving that I got started on shopping for Anniston's birthday party yesterday.  Please don't tell my husband I'm starting this early (her birthday isn't until October!) because I'm pretty sure he will send me off to a crazy house. I don't think of it as crazy- I see myself as SO.ON.TOP.OF.THINGS.  If you follow me on Pinterest you can probably get a clue on what the theme is.  I've been pinning away then saving everything that I find (websites, pictures) in an Evernote folder with notes to myself.  I've categorized everything into subfolders labeled food, decor, where to buy stuff, etc.  I had a few ideas of things that I really wanted to find but I knew actually finding it was going to be hit or miss.  I was in luck yesterday!  Check out these great finds (all found for very cheap):

(two)  I'm loving that I am getting some projects done this week- but at the same time realizing that I just can't do everything that I want to do or that I find is cute.  I really wanted to do a day in the life photo book that I saw on Pinterest.  This just is not going to happen.  I tried on Monday, but Anniston is at a stage now where she gets bored very easily so I was constantly having to do different things to entertain her.  I ended up getting frustrated that I couldn't take all the pictures that I wanted and then realized "who cares!"  Yes, it would've been fun to do but not to the point that I get stressed and end up taking time away from her and her needs.  I feel much better now that I have come to that realization and have that taken off my plate!  I am, however, working on a photo book (a much easier project) of her first 6 months.  I wanted a collection of photos in a book so that I have them to look at instead of on my blog or computer.  Maybe I will do a day in the life on my blog instead of the book- that will be an easier task with the same concept.

(three)  I'm loving some J Crew- surprise, surprise!  I have been debating about getting some colored ballet flats and I finally broke down and purchased some. They should be arriving this week sometime!

(four)  I'm loving that I'm getting organized this week.  I ordered some memo/menu boards off Etsy last week and I hope to get them in this week.  I'm planning a chore list (sometimes you just have to write it down for the husband to know he has to do it) and a menu planner.  I'm really going to try to stick to the menu planner.  I find if I don't plan ahead then we end up getting take out because I'm just too dang tired at night.  Hopefully, I can prepare stuff on Sunday and take care of that problem!

(five)  I'm loving Anniston's new chair I bought from Pottery Barn!  Look how darn cute she looks sitting up in it like a big girl!

(six)  And finally, I'm loving that I made a decision about the St. Jude Marathon in December- and have come to peace with it.  I originally wanted to try to run the half marathon (my first ever).  I have decided that it's just not going to happen for me this year.  It would require quite a bit of training for me, since I'm only running about 3 miles here and there right now.  That's about all I have time for anyway.  I could see myself having a training schedule, getting sidetracked with Anniston, work, and just life in general and then getting upset and stressed because I was behind. At that point it would not have been fun anymore.  Right now I'm having fun running- I go when I can and when it's convenient.  I clear my head and work up a little sweat- but I don't get upset when it doesn't happen.  I also didn't want training for this to take away from other things in my life.  I work full time and have a 6 month old- "my time" is pretty limited.  If I were to really focus on St. Jude, other things (like blogging, doing projects, and, heck, sometimes just being lazy) were going to fall by the wayside.  I'd rather do a little of everything!  There is always next year- maybe by then the situation will be different and I will have better learned how to fit in all the things I love to do.  Right now I'm still learning how to give a little to everything- my husband, my job, myself, and most importantly, Anniston.  Don't get me wrong- I'm still going to run as much as I can.  Hopefully, I can go with Allie on her training runs some days.  I just have to learn that I cannot do it all!


  1. Those menus are super cute! I might need to order some. Gracie loves her PB chair too, did you get the toddler or baby chair?

  2. Learning that we cant do it all is one of the toughest lessons of motherhood. Looks like you are doing plenty though :) I love that you got hte PB chair, I wish we had the space in this house to get them for our boys!


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