Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Rewind

I'm linking up with Tami again for another edition of Weekend Rewind!  We had a fabulous weekend over at the Medling house. It was beautiful weather (although it's starting to get a little too hot for my taste) and I was wrapping up the end of my awesome vacation week.

Friday night Brandon and I decided to go out to eat with Anniston.  We took her to one of our favorite restaurants- Old Venice.  It has a great atmosphere and is kid friendly too.  Anniston was so good.  We were going to try to sit her up in a high chair, but the only one they had left had a broken strap.  So we left her in her carseat and put her up in one of those slings so she could watch what all was going on.  She people watched for most of the dinner and it was nice to have a sit down meal for a change with my husband.

On Saturday, my mom and grandmother came in town to see us.  I have to work on Mother's Day so we celebrated a little early.  Brandon had to work a trade show in Tunica so he was gone for most of the morning. I gave my mom and grandmother photo books I had made from Shutterfly (each personalized just for them) and I also had Mother's Day cards made with a picture of Anniston on them.  We also gave my mom a special "Kay Kay" necklace we got from Etsy.  I think they loved all their gifts!  I'm mailing out the rest of the cards I had made for Brandon's family later this week.

Then we went outside on our back deck and had a little photo shoot:
Note:  I'm trying to work on my photo editing a little and experimenting with different techniques so some of these are better than others:)  I have a ways to go before I get to where my sister is with "picture taking" as my grandmother calls it:)

We went to Jason's Deli for lunch and we were finally able to try Anniston out in the highchair.  She loved being up at our level and kept trying to grab things off the table!  She is getting sneaky!  Brandon was home by the time we got back and we had the most relaxing and lazy afternoon.  We all (Ruby included) piled on our bed and just to watch some TV and play with Anniston.  She loves to roll around on our bed.  That night, Allie kept Anniston for us so we could have one more date night before I returned to work.  I think Allie and Anniston had some quality "auntie" time and Allie said she was really good.

Sunday morning Allie and I headed out with Anniston for a very serious photo shoot.  Seriously- we've been planning this for months.  Today was round 1 and the pics were stunning.  I'm not going to post them until we are done with this shoot and I don't want to give away any details involves pearls and a pink vintage suitcase!

We were lazy again that afternoon and I chose to give my undivided attention to Anniston all day instead of trying to get anything on my "to do" list accomplished.  It was my last day off before returning to work so I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her.  We got out her pool for the first time and set it up on our back deck.  She absolutely loved it!  I had foam alphabet letters and rubber duckies for her to play in the water with and she was so into all of it!  I'm so glad she liked it and wasn't scared of the water.

So that was our weekend!  It's going to be a hard adjustment going back to work and not seeing Anniston as much after I've had an entire week off, but I'm sure I'll get back in my routine again quickly.


  1. Just stopping by from Weekend Rewind. Great pictures and that swimsuit is just to cute for words!

  2. Yay for Anniston sitting in the highchair! What a big girl! I can't wait to see the pictures from the photo shoot. I'm sure they are gorgeous! A looks so sweet in her little swimsuit and baby pool. So glad you were able to enjoy the day with her. I think it's worth it to put the to-do list aside every now and then! Thanks for linking up girl!

  3. Love that swimsuit. I saw it at target and I am thinking I may need to buy it for next summer. We already have 5 for this year!! It looks like ya'll had a wonderful weekend. Where do you find all those cute bows that you put on her?

  4. Anniston looks like she had so much fun in her pool, she is so precious. I can't wait to see the pics y'all took!


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