Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Today I am feeling especially thankful for so many things.  It's going to be such a pretty day outside and I have the next two days off work to spend time with Anniston!

I am so thankful for my job.  I really do have a great job that I love and my schedule suits us pretty well right now.  It's uncommon for a retail pharmacist to have an 8-5 job and up until I had Anniston, I would work 12 hour shifts and every other weekend.  Everything just fell into place when I returned back to work after having her.  I work 8-5 some days, others I work 10-8, or 12-8, and.........I only work every THIRD weekend!  I really, really like my schedule.  It keeps every week a little different, and I do enjoy the weeks I work the weekends.  I may have to work on Saturday and Sunday, but I get 2 days off together during the week to spend quality time with Anniston, run errands, etc.  I'm very thankful that I have a job I love.

I'm thankful for Kristi, Anniston's babysitter.  We really lucked up with finding her.  We have a mutual friend that recommended her, and at the time she didn't have any availability.  Funny how things work out, because she called me back a few weeks after I had contacted her saying she was going to have an opening starting 3 weeks before I went back to work!  I could not be happier with her.  She loves Anniston so much and takes such good care of her.  She texts me during the day if Anniston does something funny or cute.  She buys Anniston clothes if she sees something cute she just can't pass up. I should probably mention that the mutual friend we have in common is our hairdresser and friend, Laura.  Yesterday afternoon when I went to get Anniston, Kristi and I decided to go get our hair done together.  She already had made plans to head over to Laura's house, and I was in the process of trying to see if Laura could fit me in during the next couple of days.  Kristi suggested we both go last night, and she would watch and play with Anniston while I got my hair done.  After a quick call to Laura, that's what we did.  We all had so much fun hanging out at Laura's house and playing with all the kids (Laura has 2 of her own, both watched by Kristi when they were younger!)  I am so thankful for Kristi and all she does for us!

I am thankful for my wonderful husband who is around more these days.  Since starting his new job a couple of months ago, he has not had to travel near as much as he did before (with the exception of the 2 week training in Tulsa.)  I'm so happy he is in town more!

And because I want to post some pics along with this post- here are some randoms that I took last week while playing around with my camera settings!


  1. Enjoy your time off with that sweet girl!

  2. I love this post girl! I needed to read this today too, I was in such a mood and it reminded me to be thankful for the good things =)

  3. We are both so lucky to have amazing jobs! It makes being a mom that much easier!


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