Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Whew!  I feel as if I haven't posted in forever. I've was super busy last week and battling a HORRIBLE sinus infection.  I still made it to work every day but I felt like total crap a few of those days.  I got an antibiotic and cough medicine called in for me and so I'm finally feeling better!  Thank goodness because we had so many things planned for our long weekend and I wanted to enjoy every bit of it.  I'm glad I did because something big happened this past weekend------Anniston went mobile!  She has mastered crawling!  It technically started last Wednesday- she would take a step or two and be done.  We've practiced every day since then and Friday morning she took about 4 or 5 steps!  By Saturday and Sunday she was going strong!  I took lots of video!  Here's what our Memorial Day weekend looked like:


Kay Kay, Poppy, Aunt Allie, my grandmother, and my Granny all drove into town for a visit.  My Granny doesn't get to come see us much so I was so thankful she was able to make the trip.  I went to Fresh Market the day before and bought some potato salad, pimento cheese dip, and deviled eggs.  I highly recommend all these things from Fresh Market- they were all delicious!  We ate, watched Anniston practice crawling, and sat out on the deck while she splashed around in her pool.  Fun times!

 Note:  All the above pics are courtesy of my sister, Allie.  Fantastic, huh?


Our morning consisted of lounging around in our pjs, driving around looking at shutter colors so we can finally decide what to do with ours, and a trip to Lowe's.  That afternoon Allie and I took Anniston along on a much needed trip to J Crew!  Anniston had so much fun in the dressing room crawling around and discovering herself in the full length mirror.  It was too funny watching her!  Later that afternoon my wonderful sister spent a couple of hours helping me get set up on Photoshop Elements.  It literally would have taken me forever to figure out how to edit pictures and download actions. I am forever grateful to her for helping me out!! Can you tell a difference in my pictures below?  I LOVE that my pictures are turning out so much better now!  That night we decided we wanted some yummy pasta so we headed to Amerigo.  Anniston loves to sit in her highchair at the big table so it was a really fun time.


This morning Brandon and I worked on the photo collage I've been dying to put up. I'll post before and after pics in another post but I think it turned out great!  A big thanks to my husband for hanging everything even though he thought the picture that was there before looked fine:)  After that, we got a surprise visit from my aunt Nancy and my two cousins Will and Jake.  Jake had just gotten his first car (he turns 16 in a few months) and wanted us all to see it.  We had a blast all hanging out!  I was SO happy to see them (they also live about an hour and a half away so we don't see them very often.)  We were pooped by the afternoon and just laid around playing and napping.

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  1. oh my goodness!!! Anniston looks too cute for words! Where in the world did you find that adorable oufit in the first pictures?


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