Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Little Bit of This & That

I'm feeling spoiled this week since I returned to work yesterday only to have today and tomorrow off again!  I do have to work this weekend but I get 3 days off this week!  Anniston and I have planned a lot of "chilling" at home these next two days.  We will probably get out some to run errands and such but I'm looking forward to laying low for the most part! Brandon and I have been busy planning another "stay-cation."  We went (actually I did) back and forth for months about whether we wanted to plan a mini vacation in June for just the two of us.  One week I wanted to and the next week I was unsure about spending time away from Anniston.  I have to take my vacations a week at a time so I thought if we planned a little 3 or 4 day trip I could make it since I would have all week off to spend the rest of the time with her.  A week or so ago we decided to fly to Chicago for a long weekend while my parents kept Anniston.  We were about to book our flights and I started to feel very anxious.  I had trouble going to sleep that night. I was very apprehensive about being in a completely different state than her.  I told  Brandon the next morning that I just didn't think I could do it and still have enough fun to justify spending the money.  So we changed our minds and decided not to go.  And that's our final decision!  We still wanted to have a little bit of "us" time during my vacation week so we are going to do another stay-cation here in Memphis!  I feel much better about this!  If I start missing her, all we have to do is come home!  Perfect!  I think we may even stay at the Peabody downtown- fancy schmancy!

I am so excited for my show to start up this summer------So You Think You Can Dance!  Aside from Vampire Diaries, this is probably my favorite show.  LOVE it.  I'm not that into Dancing With The Stars because they aren't professional dancers and you don't see the quality and technique as you do on SYTYCD.  I danced from the time I was 5 or 6 years old all the way through college when I was in the Dance Ensemble.  My all time favorite was tap (I even did a few competitions when I was in high school) but I also loved jazz and contemporary.  I'm too old to dance now so I re-live my dancing days through this show and I'm so excited it's back on!  I really, really hope Anniston wants to dance when she gets older!

It's time to start baby proofing the house!  Anniston hasn't gotten very fast yet but she is definitely getting around.  She's even trying to pull up on stuff!  Where did my little baby go?

I've GOT to get back to running.  I had a little touch of laziness the past couple of weeks and I can definitely tell a difference!  A and I actually went this morning and I feel great!  I ran 1.5 miles while pushing a 20 lb baby and I was very proud of myself!  I hope to try for 2 miles next time or 3 miles if I get to go by myself!

I'm off to spend some time playing with my baby girl and enjoying my two days off work!  Happy Wednesday!

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