Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Goodbye 2011- It's Been Fun!

The first few weeks of 2011 started out pretty slow and unexciting.  On February 6th (Superbowl Sunday) things really kicked into high gear when I found out we were going to have a baby in October!  After that, it seems the next 9 months were filled with preparations for our little one.

I remember that Sunday pretty well.  Brandon and I had gone to eat brunch at Republic Coffee.  I remember mentioning (very casually) to Brandon that I was a day or so late this month.  Since that doesn't really scream "I'm pregnant" neither of us really too much about it.  I thought I would go ahead and take a pregnancy test anyways so I could get it off my mind and I wouldn't obsess about it.

I took the test when we got home and it turned out to be a (very) faint positive.  I immediately called Allie to come over to take a look at it before we got too excited.  Meanwhile, Brandon was doing research on what a faint positive could mean.  In the back of my head I knew that there was no such thing as a false positive, and most likely it was faint because I really wasn't that late yet.  Still, I withheld my excitement (and telling people) until I could see my obgyn to confirm that things were ok.  I went on into work and later that night Allie had a Super Bowl party at her house.  I remember it being so hard not to tell anyone!

I got an appointment with my doctor the next week- and YES- I was pregnant!  I was still really early in my pregnancy (about 4 weeks) so that gave us plenty of time to discuss what tests we were going to conduct as I got farther along,  After the last pregnancy, I wasn't taking any chances.

The next few months were filled with various genetic tests.  I held off telling most people until all of them came back ok.  I remember holding my breath in between each test and praying that they would all have good results.  Luckily, they did!

In May I hosted Allie's graduation party.  Yay!  My sister graduated from pharmacy school!  It was a lot of fun having all my family get together at my house (which rarely happens) to celebrate with Allie.  I was around 17 weeks at the time.  Here are some pics:

Allie and I at one of her graduation ceremonies

Belly pic at 17 weeks

In June, Brandon and I went on one last vacation before Anniston arrived.  We spent a weekend in New Orleans touring the French Quarter, dining at fancy restaurants, and going to museums.  We then drove down to Pensacola, FL for some rest and relaxation at the beach!  It was so nice to lie around all day after trucking it on foot all around New Orleans in the blistering heat.  Unfortunately, I don't have ANY pictures of our last vacation- boo!  

When we returned from Florida I spent most of July getting ready for Anniston to arrive. I think I was finally to a point where I could relax about the pregnancy without fear that something was going to go wrong.  We picked out the paint color for the nursery, put together the crib, shopped obsessively on Etsy for anything and everything, and just had FUN planning for our new addition.  Check out our nursery pics here!

August and September were super busy- I had 3 showers hosted by my wonderful friends and family and Brandon and I started attending our childbirth classes.  We signed up for almost every one that was offered.  We had a lot of fun and learned so much.

Here is me at 30 weeks!

Allie and I at the couple's shower she and my friend, Jodi, hosted for me in August.  Yes, I know- I am a whale:)

Finally, OCTOBER 10th was HERE!  My sweet baby girl's birthday.  My labor couldn't have gone any smoother and at 6:18 pm she made her debut into this world.

In November, I was still on maternity leave and getting adjusted to being a mommy.  I had my first girl's night out and went to the Breaking Dawn midnight premiere with my sister and my friend, Jodi.  

We also had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year spent with our awesome family!

We ended out the year in December with a great first Christmas with Anniston.  Check out all the pics from Christmas here.   I am feeling very blessed with all God has given me this year.  I am so excited to see what 2012 brings us.  I already know it is going to be great.  I can't wait to spend it with my wonderful husband, watching our little girl grow up!  Happy New Year!

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