Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our "Stay-cation"

Last night Brandon and I had us a little "stay-cation" right here in Memphis.  My parents came to stay the night at our house to watch Anniston and Ruby so Brandon and I headed downtown to Mud Island and stayed at the River Inn in Harbor Town.

Driving down along the Mississippi River and seeing all the people out running and walking their dogs brought back so many memories of when I used to live there during pharmacy school.  I have such great memories of those times- I had met some great friends, I had a great career ahead of me, and Brandon and I had just begun to date.  Brandon and I reminisced and shared funny stories that we remembered from those days.   I was nice to go back in time and remember that time in my life.  I couldn't help but think how much has changed in just a couple of years.

Back when I lived on Mud Island, they had not even built the hotel or the restaurants below it yet so it was a new experience for us both.  We were greeted in the lobby with a glass of Chardonnay for me and Merlot for Brandon (how fancy!).  We were personally shown to our room and were told that chocolate truffles along with more wine would be delivered to our room at 8 pm.  We had a great room with a beautiful view of the mighty Mississippi in front of us.

Our view out over the Mississippi- a little blurry because it's taken with my iphone!

We ate dinner that night at Tugs- the restaurant below the hotel.  It was very casual but also nice.  They had the most amazing fried onion shoestrings!  Yummy (but also very bad for me!).

 Again- kind of grainy but oh, well!

After dinner we headed over to TJ Mulligans on Main St. to watch football and play trivia.  We started getting sleepy at about 8:30 so we headed on back to the hotel to lounge around and watch a little TV before getting a full night of sleep!!!  Funny how a baby changes your sleep habits even when you're away for the night! The next morning we enjoyed a complimentary breakfast at a Memphis classic- Paulette's.  Blueberry pancakes, fresh croissants, eggs, bacon- we were in heaven!  After breakfast we hurried back home because even though we had a lot of fun, I was SO ready to see my little Anniston Ruth!  I had missed her so much!  I'm so lucky to have such great parents to take such good care of her and give us a date night here and there.

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