Sunday, December 11, 2011

Right Now

I saw this post over at Little Moments Like This and thought this would be fun to do and to look back on years from now.

Right now I am...

watching:  Some TV show Brandon is watching on the History channel titled "Epic History of Everyday Things" and watching Anniston in her bouncy seat.

eating: Nothing.  We have nothing to eat in this house right now.  Need to make a grocery run...

drinking:  What else?  A diet coke, of course.

wearing:  Pajamas- it's only 9:00 am on a Sunday morning so it's ok!

avoiding:  Having to sit down and decide about a caregiver for Anniston when I go back to work.  We actually have some great options.  It's going to be hard to choose!

feeling:  So much love for my little girl- especially when she looks at me and smiles!

missing:  Getting a full night of sleep like we did on Friday night.  Oh I miss those days!

thankful:  For family.  I have a great husband and a beautiful, healthy baby girl.  I am so thankful that she is healthy.

weather:  Chilly!  Sun is out but it is COLD!

praying:  That everything works out when I go back to work.  I pray that Anniston will be in good hands and  that I will be able to cope with having to leave her every day.

needing:  A place to put all of Anniston's toys.  She recently got a lot more toys and we need to figure out a place to put them all!

thinking:  That Anniston is such a good baby to sit here in her bouncy seat watching me type and watching Brandon bike on the stationary bike.  She looks so content to just look around.

loving: Tthe fact that I bought Anniston some cute little headbands off of Etsy yesterday.  She has recently been wearing headbands really well so I wanted to get her some really cute ones!  I found the most adorable Christmas one to wear with her Christmas dress I bought at CottonTails!

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