Monday, December 19, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

Merry Christmas to ME!  Since some of these things are on the expensive side, I wished for money and gift cards to go towards these items.  I'm still not sure which ones I'm going to get with my Christmas money, so we will see!

 Kate Spade tote.  I LOVE this bag. I think this would be really useful to tote all my stuff to work in.

 Calligraphy address stamp on Etsy.  Love the idea of this but not sure if I want a stamp or not.  I may just end up ordering return address stickers like I did last time- but regardless, this is really cute!
 Kate Spade gold rose bangle.  I've mentioned this before but I really want to buy this to go with the gold rose Michael Kors watch that Allie is getting me for Christmas!:)  Thanks Allie!
Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palate!  I have the original Naked palate and I LOVE it.  I wear shades from it all the time and I love to toss it in my makeup bag if I'm traveling because you have so many choices.  


  1. Hey Kelly! You posted a question on my blog aboutt Emerson's hair bows but it wouldn't let me reply so I thought I'd leave you a comment. I've bought her bows from tons of places and made some too and I plan on doing a post about all of it soon but until then my absolute favorite place to buy them right now is Her bows are so cute and very reasonably priiced. Hope the helps! Btw- Anniston is just adorable and I LOVE her name!

  2. Thanks Tami! I will be looking forward to that post! I love looking at all of Emerson's pics because her bows are so adorable!!! Thanks for the info:)


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